Namaste Raw Goods Gluten Free Organic Arrowroot Starch 510g

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Namaste Raw Goods Gluten Free Organic Arrowroot Starch 510g

Say goodbye to bland, heavy thickeners that weigh down your dishes. Namaste Raw Goods' Organic Arrowroot Starch is here to revolutionize your kitchen! This 510g bag packs a punch of thickening power, all while boasting a clean, organic label.

Effortless Thickening, Elevated Results:

Imagine silky smooth sauces, restaurant-worthy gravies, and perfectly thickened soups. Arrowroot starch makes it a reality! This versatile wonder ingredient goes beyond savoury dishes. It adds a light, delicate touch to baked goods, keeping them moist and flavorful without compromising texture.

Embrace a More Inclusive Kitchen:

Dietary restrictions don't have to limit your culinary creativity! Arrowroot starch is a dream come true for those following gluten-free, paleo, or keto lifestyles. It's naturally gluten-free and USDA Certified Organic, ensuring peace of mind for every cook. Plus, its gentle nature makes it a perfect choice for those with sensitive digestion.

Beyond Thickening: A World of Possibilities:

Arrowroot starch's beauty lies in its versatility. Its neutral taste won't alter your favourite recipes, allowing you to customize the consistency of sauces and soups easily. Feeling adventurous? For a delightful surprise, experiment with arrowroot starch as a thickener in pie fillings, custards, and even glazes!

Namaste Arrowroot Starch Features:

  • Organic & Gluten-Free Thickener for Endless Culinary Uses
  • Perfect for Gluten-Free, Paleo & Keto Diets
  • Easy to Digest & Gentle on the Stomach
  • USDA Certified Organic

Active Ingredient:

  • Organic Arrowroot


Q: How does arrowroot starch compare to cornstarch?

A: Both are excellent thickeners, but arrowroot starch offers a smoother texture and requires less to achieve the desired consistency. It also produces a clearer gel, making it ideal for sauces and glazes where transparency is desired.

Q: Can I use arrowroot starch for baking?

A: Absolutely! It adds thickening but lacks the structure-building properties of flour. Use it in small amounts as a thickener in some recipes, or combine it with gluten-free flour for baking.

Q: How long does arrowroot starch stay fresh?

A: Arrowroot starch can stay fresh for up to two years when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

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