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The Whole30 is a challenging yet rewarding dietary reset program that emphasizes real, whole foods. While there are no specific products endorsed by the Whole30 program, here's a guide to help you navigate the grocery store and find compliant options:

Whole30-Approved Ingredients:

  • Clean Eating Focus: Fill your plate with clean, whole foods like meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts and seeds. Prioritize freshorganic, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.
  • Paleo-Inspired: The Whole30 shares some similarities with the Paleo diet, so some Paleo-friendly options like grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish can be good choices.
  • Focus on Wholesome: Look for products with minimal ingredients, ideally a shortlist of recognizable whole foods.
  • Read the Label: Become a label-reading pro! Avoid ingredients like added sugar, grains (including gluten-containing grains), dairy, legumes (except green beans and sugar snap peas), soy, and alcohol.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Clean Snacking: Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, or hard-boiled eggs. Be mindful of dried fruits, as some may contain added sugar.
  • Beverages: Water is your best friend! Unsweetened tea and black coffee are also compliant options.


  • Whole Foods Focus: The Whole30 emphasizes whole foods over processed options. It's not about finding pre-packaged "Whole30" products, but rather preparing meals from scratch using fresh, high-quality ingredients.
  • Clean Label Philosophy: Look for products with clean labels that boast natural and whole ingredients.
  • Minimal Processing: The closer a product is to its natural state, the better. Opt for unprocessed or minimally processed options.
  • Wholesome and Fresh: Freshness is key! Prioritize freshorganic, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

By focusing on whole, unprocessed foods and avoiding restricted ingredients, you can navigate the Whole30 with confidence. Remember, it's about a dietary reset, so enjoy the process of exploring new and delicious ways to nourish your body with real food!

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