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Now Foods Organic Senna 24 Tea Bags - YesWellness.com
Now Foods Organic Senna 24 Tea Bags
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Here's a breakdown of tea products, highlighting some of the most popular varieties:

Black Tea: Known for its bold and robust flavor profile.

  • Varieties: Assam (malty, full-bodied), Darjeeling (aromatic, slight astringency), Earl Grey (distinctive bergamot flavor), English Breakfast (strong blend for mornings).
  • Characteristics: Bold, robust, malty, full-bodied, rich, smoky (some varieties), fermented, astringent, dark.

Spiced Tea (Chai Tea): Aromatic and warming blend often containing spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and pepper.

  • Flavor Profile: Spiced, sweet, creamy (often with milk and sugar).
  • Qualities: Aromatic, warming.

Green Tea: Known for its fresh, vegetal taste and health benefits.

  • Varieties: Sencha (commonplace green tea), Gyokuro (shade-grown for sweetness), Genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice), Dragonwell (esteemed Chinese green tea).
  • Characteristics: Fresh, grassy, vegetal, umami, steamed, light, nutty, toasted.
  • Origin: Japanese and Chinese varieties are most prominent.

Herbal Tea: Naturally caffeine-free and known for its relaxing and soothing properties.

  • Varieties: Chamomile (calming), Peppermint (digestive), Hibiscus (tart, cranberry-like), Lemongrass (citrusy), Lavender (floral, calming).
  • Characteristics: Caffeine-free, relaxing, soothing, infusion (often refers to herbal tea steeping).
  • Flavor Profile: Blended, floral, citrusy, spicy (depending on the variety).

Matcha Tea: A vibrant green tea powder whisked into hot water for a frothy beverage.

  • Types: Ceremonial (highest grade), Culinary (for cooking and baking).
  • Characteristics: Ceremonial - Vibrant jade color, earthy, frothy, rich, creamy, smooth. Culinary - Earthy, ground.
  • Preparation: Traditional preparation involves a bamboo whisk to create a frothy beverage.

Oolong Tea: A partially oxidized tea offering a complex flavor profile between black and green tea.

  • Varieties: Tie Guan Yin (floral), Da Hong Pao (roasted), varieties named after their Wuyi mountain region origin.
  • Characteristics: Semi-oxidized, complex, floral, toasty, mineral, medium-bodied, hand-rolled (often), roasted, fragrant, elegant, layered.

Rooibos Tea (Red Bush): A naturally sweet and caffeine-free herbal tea from South Africa.

  • Characteristics: Sweet, nutty, caffeine-free, herbal, vanilla, honey notes, smooth, naturally sweet, oxidized (gives it a reddish color), rich, fruity.

White Tea: The least processed tea, known for its delicate and subtle flavors.

  • Varieties: Silver Needle (highest grade), White Peony, Long Life Eyebrow, Tribute Eyebrow.
  • Characteristics: Delicate, subtle, floral, fruity, light, sweet, mellow, fresh, handpicked.
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