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Wildly Organic Unrefined Cacao Butter Unrefined Cold Pressed 454 grams

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Wildly Organic Unrefined Cacao Butter Unrefined Cold Pressed 

Our Cacao Butter is the best you will find, anywhere in the US. It smells deeply of rich chocolate, yet is a light beige color. This raw cacao butter is absolutely delicious and as unrefined as you can get.* Each pound is poured into an oval mold to solidify.* This makes it easy to chip off whatever amount you need for a recipe and the packaging stacks well on your shelf. For soft, tender cookies and melt in your mouth treats, this is the cacao butter you need to try!

Wilderness Family Naturals natural, raw, Certified Organic Cacao Butter is different from most standard cacao butters. It is the "by-product" of making the raw cacao powder.* When the oil is pressed out of the nib, it is this "butter" that is removed separating it from the fibrous powder. Our raw Cacao Butter is unrefined and has never been exposed to chemicals.* It is not roasted or exposed to high heat. It still retains the light taste of chocolate and is a cream color. Use it to make your own chocolates, or use it in baking. This raw cacao butter will come to you in chunks unless it is over 100 degrees. To use as a liquid simply place in a pan and melt over low heat.

Wilderness Family Naturals' Natural, Raw, Certified Organic Cacao Butter is different from most standard Cacao Butters. It contains no chemicals, no hexane and no solvents, is not manufactured with the use of high heat, not refined or deodorized.* Its companion product, raw cacao powder, is also sold at Wilderness Family Naturals.

Cacao Butter, which many call cocoa butter, is the main component of white chocolate and comes from the cacao bean (The bean that is used to make all chocolate products).

Standard processing (not WFN processing) begins with fermentation of the beans while they are still in their pod. After a few days, these beans are then separated from the pod and roasted. Typically significant heat is required for roasting. Once roasted, the cacao bean is slightly crushed with a heavy roller, breaking both the shell and the bean into smaller pieces. After this procedure it is easy to blow the lightweight shell and chaff away. The chunks of the bean that remain are called cacao nibs. If these beans are ground, they will become a product called chocolate liquor. If this liquor is pressed, it will become cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Usually the cocoa butter is then refined so that all the fragrance and flavor of cocoa is removed (they say this gives the cocoa butter a longer shelf-life), and generally the cocoa powder is alkalized with sodium hydroxide. (They say this enhances the flavor of the chocolate).* I tend to disagree. I do not believe that either process improves the product in taste or longevity.

Our Cocoa butter is different. The freshly picked pods are not fermented! Instead, the fresh beans are separated from the pod and air dried (at low temperatures). Next the beans undergo the roller to break the outer membrane which is blown away. The beans are then ground and pressed to remove the oil. Because the process does not contain any fermentation or heat, the resulting raw cocoa butter and raw cacao powder is not bitter and the mild chocolate flavor and aroma will cause anyone to salivate.

This Raw Cacao Butter will come to you in a "poured" one pound block. It has the most delicious chocolate flavor and aroma and is absolutely wonderful in deserts as it gives them that "melt in your mouth" sensation. That is because cacao butter melts at approximately 90 degrees F. (35 degrees C)

To use, break off a chunk and gently melt. A temperature around 90 degrees is all that is needed to liquefy. A double boiler can be used to melt the cocoa butter and retain all the delicious chocolaty flavor of the cocoa bean.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Our raw organic cacao butter has a high level of stability and a long shelf-life.

Suggested Uses: Natural Raw Cacao Butter is an edible oil that possesses a delicate chocolate aroma. Adding a piece of cacao butter will increase the richness of a dessert, snack (especially cookies), ice cream or any chocolate creation. Because it is natural and raw, this cacao butter will melt easily and blends nicely into any type of recipe. Many people say to melt it in a double boiler, others use their dehydrator.

Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao

Origin: Domician Republic - Certified Organic


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