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For something that can be worked over and over in your mouth for hours, it is surprising how little people actually know about the ingredients in their gum. Since gum is rarely swallowed, you may pay less ... Read more

plastic bag waste landfill recycling environment c.jpg

North America and Europe alone uses 3 to 4 trillion plastic bags every year and while the convenience of plastic bags are of a high value, the rarity of people recycling plastic bags causes severe harm. ... Read more

6 Ways to Cure Indigestion This Holiday Season

Holiday season is upon us and that means more time spent with your family and around the table with delicious, tempting food ... Read more

Chlorella: A Simple Powder for Unparalleled Nutrition

Chemicals are a norm of industry and agriculture, with high concentrations emitted to create goods, as well as trace amounts in the products that we use. A large portion of these chemicals eventually end up in bodies ... Read more