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Relaxus 2-In-1 Misting Water Bottle | UPC: 30628949055960

Relaxus 2-In-1 Misting Water Bottle

$14.55 $18.90

Relaxus 2-In-1 Misting Water Bottle The 2-In-1 Misting Water Bottle with sleek ergonomic design, leak-proof top, built-in carry loop, sprays an ultra-fine cooling mist to help cool you down...

Relaxus Cool Relief Hands Free Fan | UPC: 30628949056110 Relaxus Cool Relief Hands Free Fan | UPC: 30628949056110

Relaxus Cool Relief Hands Free Fan

$20.35 $26.99

Relaxus Cool Relief Hands Free Fan The Cool Relief Hands-Free Fan is great for travel and creates an instant cooling to help cool you down. Sits perfectly around your neck so that...

Relaxus Instant Cooling Scarf Blue | SKU: REL-700509B | 30628949007105 Relaxus Instant Cooling Scarf Pink | SKU: REL-700509P | 30628949007105

Relaxus Instant Cooling Scarf

$7.25 $10.00

Relaxus Instant Cooling Scarf The Instant Cooling Scarf with reusable carry bottle relieves discomfort from overheating, hot flashes, night sweats, sunburn, fevers and lasts up to 10...

Relaxus Instant Cooling Towel Blue | 30628949004999 Relaxus Instant Cooling Towel Blue | 30628949004999

Relaxus Instant Cooling Towel

$6.58 $9.00

Relaxus Instant Cooling Towel The Instant Cooling Towel is soft and light, provides instant cooling relief and lasts up to 5 hours.   Product Features Soft and light.  Instant...

Relaxus Mother Nature Body Lotion 120 ml | UPC: 30628949054970 | SKU: REL-505496

Relaxus Mother Nature Body Lotion 120 ml

$13.89 $16.99

Relaxus Mother Nature Body Lotion 120 ml The Mother Nature 120 ml Body Lotion is infused with pure lemon and eucalyptus essential oils and moisturizing coconut oil that leaves your skin...

Mobb Protective Face Shield | PFS2020 | PFS2028 Mobb Protective Face Shield | PFS2020 | PFS2028

Mobb Protective Face Shield - Pack of 8

$34.99 $39.99

Mobb Protective Face Shield Features: Optically clear with no distortion Foam strip and fixing device holds shield away from face Room to wear goggles underneath Protects face from blood, body...

Blume Reishi Hot Cacao 125g Blume Reishi Hot Cacao 125g

Blume Reishi Hot Cacao 125g

$18.00 $20.00

Blume Reishi Hot Cacao 125g Creamy, chocolaty goodness. Meet our guilt-free hot chocolate made with reishi and cacao. This mushroom hot chocolate will support your immune system and fight off the...

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Barbra French

online shopper

Fantastic experience with this company! I received my order and a great price, with free shipping, superbly packaged and it arrived in no time. I am super impressed and would not hesitate to recommend them.


Alicia Simpson

online shopper

I love this website!! I made an order before Christmas not expecting to receive it until the 28th. And it showed up at my door on December 23rd! A Saturday no less! Their deliveries always seem to be earlier than stated on the site. Plus, they always send me extras, samples, and discounts codes. It pays to be a loyal customer!


Jessica Brett

online shopper

Great site! Super fast delivery of my products plus samples of other products to try in my order. Prices are also really great - cheaper than what I’ve seen in stores. I’ll definitely continue to order from your website. Thank you!


Lillian M Henriques

online shopper

Great pricing and fastest shipping! Thanks Yes Wellness for keeping me stocked.


Jen Oram

online shopper

Fast shipping, with great prices! And top notch customer service!


Anees VP

online shopper

I'm super pleased with my Yes Wellness experience. I had a few questions about some of the products and their phone staff was really helpful. They knew lots about the products and helped me make my decision easier. Will be shopping with them again in the future!


David Higgings

online shopper

Fantastic customer service! Thank you for the pleasant experience.


Tim Burton

online shopper

They have good amount of branded supplements and most importantly very helpful staff.

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