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Relaxus Tabletop Zen Sands - 628949081104, 628949081173, 628949081166 Relaxus Tabletop Zen Sands - Pink | 518117 | UPC 628949081173

Relaxus Tabletop Zen Sands

$22.90 $40.00

Relaxus Tabletop Zen Sands Relaxus Tabletop Zen Sands are a perfect addition to your desk or table. Features & Benefits: Slow moving and mesmerizing sand Flip frame over when all sand is at the...

Relaxus Novelty Tool Pens | 535098 | 628949350989 Relaxus Novelty Tool Pens | 535098 | 628949350989

Relaxus Novelty Tool Pens

$4.99 $7.99

Relaxus Novelty Tool Pens The Novelty Tool Pens are hand-painted cute, super fun writing pens. Use these cool pens at school, home or your office. Features Hand-painted Designs: Screw,...

Relaxus 6-in-1 Multi-functional Pen Tool | 535170 | 628949051718 Relaxus 6-in-1 Multi-functional Pen Tool | 535170 | 628949051718

Relaxus 6-in-1 Multi-functional Pen Tool

$7.90 $9.99

Relaxus 6-in-1 Multi-functional Pen Tool The Relaxus 6-in-1 Multi-functional Pen Tool is a pocket-friendly gadget with 6 tools in 1. This ergonomic pen tool is a unique gift that makes a great...

Relaxus Zen Pendulum | REL-L0127 | UPC 628949001270

Relaxus Zen Pendulum

$42.90 $49.99

Relaxus Zen Pendulum Relaxus Zen Pendulum is mesmerizing to watch as it creates ever changing geometric patterns in the sand.  Features & Benefits Great way to see gravity and momentum...

Zincofax Spray-On Ointment 100ml | 0628791005785 Zincofax Spray-On Ointment 100ml | 0628791005785

Zincofax Spray-On Ointment 100ml

$11.95 $15.25

Zincofax Spray-On Ointment Zincofax Spray-On Ointment is a quick spray-on ointment that is easily applied. Its mess-free spray action makes it convenient and easy to use both at home and on the go...

Adeeva Creatine Plus 360g | 616255178335

Adeeva Creatine Plus 360g

$39.25 $49.00

Adeeva Creatine Plus 360g Consider Adeeva’s All-in-One Multi-Vitamin & Mineral to provide you with your optimal daily vitamin and mineral requirements – all in one bottle! Adeeva...

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Barbra French

online shopper

Fantastic experience with this company! I received my order and a great price, with free shipping, superbly packaged and it arrived in no time. I am super impressed and would not hesitate to recommend them.


Alicia Simpson

online shopper

I love this website!! I made an order before Christmas not expecting to receive it until the 28th. And it showed up at my door on December 23rd! A Saturday no less! Their deliveries always seem to be earlier than stated on the site. Plus, they always send me extras, samples, and discounts codes. It pays to be a loyal customer!


Jessica Brett

online shopper

Great site! Super fast delivery of my products plus samples of other products to try in my order. Prices are also really great - cheaper than what I’ve seen in stores. I’ll definitely continue to order from your website. Thank you!


Lillian M Henriques

online shopper

Great pricing and fastest shipping! Thanks Yes Wellness for keeping me stocked.


Jen Oram

online shopper

Fast shipping, with great prices! And top notch customer service!


Anees VP

online shopper

I'm super pleased with my Yes Wellness experience. I had a few questions about some of the products and their phone staff was really helpful. They knew lots about the products and helped me make my decision easier. Will be shopping with them again in the future!


David Higgings

online shopper

Fantastic customer service! Thank you for the pleasant experience.


Tim Burton

online shopper

They have good amount of branded supplements and most importantly very helpful staff.

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