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Casein protein powder typically comes in a micellar casein formulation. Micellar casein is the most abundant protein found in milk and forms a gel-like substance in the stomach, leading to its slow-release property.


While micellar casein is the primary ingredient, some casein protein powders may also contain:

  • Flavoring
  • Sweeteners (such as stevia or sucralose)
  • Thickeners (like xanthan gum)
  • Digestive enzymes (to aid with lactose intolerance)


Casein protein powder comes in a wide variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream, and peanut butter. Unflavored casein is also available for those who prefer a more neutral taste.


Casein protein powder has a thicker texture compared to whey protein powder due to the formation of micelles. When mixed with water or milk, it can have a creamy or chalky consistency depending on the brand and formulation.


Casein protein powder can be less soluble than whey protein powder, so it may require more vigorous shaking or blending to avoid clumps.

Serving Size

A typical serving size of casein protein powder is around 1-2 scoops, which can provide 20-30 grams of protein.

Protein Content

Casein protein powder is generally high in protein content, with each serving containing around 80-90% protein by weight.

Nutritional Profile

Besides protein, casein protein powder may also contain carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals, depending on the added ingredients. It's advisable to check the label for the complete nutritional profile.


Casein protein powder can be mixed with water, milk, or your favorite beverage. You can use a shaker bottle or blender to achieve a smooth consistency.


Due to the formation of micelles, casein protein powder tends to have a thicker consistency compared to whey protein powder, even when mixed with liquids.

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