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Finesse Regular Conditioner 300mL -
Finesse Regular Conditioner 300mL
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Hair care products are your allies in achieving healthy, beautiful locks. From cleansing and nourishing to styling and treating, there's a vast array of products to address your specific hair needs. Here's a breakdown to help you navigate this world:

General Hair Care Products:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner: The foundation of any hair care routine.

Shampoo Types:

Clarifying: Removes product buildup for a refresh.

Volumizing: Adds body and lift to fine hair.

Moisturizing: Hydrates dry hair.

Color-Safe: Gentle on colored hair to prevent fading.

Sulfate-Free: Milder cleansers for sensitive scalps.

Organic: Made with natural ingredients.

Anti-Dandruff: Combats dandruff and scalp flaking.

Daily Use: Gentle formulas for frequent washing.

Deep-Cleansing: Removes heavy styling product buildup.

Conditioner Types:

Rinse-Out: Provides hydration and detangles after shampooing.

Leave-In: Offers continuous moisture and manageability.

Deep Conditioner: Intense treatment for dry or damaged hair.

Hair Mask: Similar to deep conditioner, often more concentrated.

Lightweight: Ideal for fine hair to avoid weighing it down.

Volumizing: Adds body and bounce without limpness.

Moisturizing: Provides essential moisture for dry hair.

Color-Safe: Protects hair color from fading.

Sulfate-Free: Gentler on color-treated hair.

Daily Use: Lightweight formulas for everyday use.

  • Hair Masks & Oils: Deep treatments for intense nourishment:

Hair Masks: Intensive treatments packed with beneficial ingredients.

Hair Oils: Offer concentrated hydration and shine.

  • Styling Products: Help you achieve your desired look:

Hold: Gels, mousses, sprays for long-lasting styles.

Volume: Mousses, root lifters for added body.

Shine: Serums, sprays for a glossy finish.

Matte Finish: Creams, clays for a natural, non-shiny look.

Texturizing: Sprays, mousses for beach waves or definition.

Smoothing: Serums, creams for frizz control and manageability.

Anti-Frizz: Serums, sprays to combat frizz in humid weather.

Curl Enhancing: Creams, gels for defined and bouncy curls.

Straightening: Serums, creams to smooth and straighten.

Beach Waves: Sprays, mousses for loose, textured waves.

Defining: Gels, creams to enhance curl or wave pattern.

Lifting: Root lifters, mousses for added volume at the roots.

Softening: Creams, serums for coarse or thick hair.

Thickening: Sprays, mousses for creating the appearance of thicker hair.

  • Treatment Products: Address specific hair concerns:

Hair Mask & Deep Conditioner: Deep treatments for intense hydration.

Leave-In Conditioner: Provides continuous moisture and manageability.

Hair Oil: Offers concentrated hydration, shine, and frizz control.

Hair Serum: Targets specific concerns like frizz, split ends, or heat protection.

Scalp Treatment: Addresses scalp issues like dandruff or dryness.

Protein Treatment: Strengthens and repairs damaged hair.

Keratin Treatment: Smooths and adds shine, reducing frizz.

Bonding Treatment: Repairs and strengthens broken hair bonds.

Gloss: Adds temporary shine and enhances hair color.

Hair Primer: Prepares hair for styling and protects from heat damage.

Pre-Wash Treatment: Nourishes hair before shampooing.

Overnight Treatment: Intensive treatment applied before bed for maximum absorption.

Detox Treatment: Removes product buildup and clarifies the scalp.

Heat Protectant: Protects hair from heat styling damage.

Split End Sealer: Helps mend and prevent split ends.


  • Natural Power: Look for products with natural ingredients like:

Organic extracts and plant-based oils

Essential oils for fragrance and potential benefits

  • Fragrance:

Natural Scents: Floral, citrus, herbal, fruity, woody, fresh, or earthy.

Unscented Options: Available for sensitive scalps or those who prefer no fragrance.


  • Eco-Friendly Options: Consider products with recyclable
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