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Ecoideas Lamps - Agate Natural Lamp -
Ecoideas Lamps - Agate Natural Lamp
$74.95 $85.00
Relaxus Pro-Stream Stand -
Relaxus Pro-Stream Stand -
Relaxus Pro-Stream Stand
$17.95 $22.00
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Waterlily Pond -
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Mona -
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Mona
$21.55 $26.98
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Water Lillies -
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Water Lillies
$21.55 $26.98
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Foo Foo -
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Foo Foo
$21.55 $26.98
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Magnolia Window -
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Fronz -
Modgy Luminary Lanterns Fronz
$21.55 $26.98

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Lights and salt lamp products encompass a wide range of lighting solutions that can illuminate your space and create a calming atmosphere. Here's a breakdown of the different categories:

Lighting Fixtures:

  • Lamps: These freestanding lighting fixtures provide ambient or task lighting, depending on the style and bulb type. They come in various designs and materials to complement any décor.
  • Table Lamps: Compact lamps designed to sit on tabletops, desks, or nightstands. They offer focused lighting for reading or working, or create a warm ambiance in a living room.
  • Night Lights: Low-wattage lights that emit a soft glow, ideal for providing nighttime visibility in hallways, nurseries, or bedrooms.

Salt Lamps:

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps: Made from naturally occurring pink Himalayan salt crystals, these lamps are believed to offer air purifying benefits and a calming ambiance due to the soft, warm light they emit.
  • Crystal Lamps: Similar to Himalayan salt lamps, these lamps are made from various crystals like amethyst or selenite and are believed to promote relaxation and well-being.
  • Salt Lamp Accessories: Enhance your salt lamp experience with accessories like dimmer switches, replacement bulbs, or platforms to elevate the lamp.

By combining different lights and salt lamp products, you can create a customized lighting scheme that meets your needs and preferences, adding both functionality and style to your space.

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