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Now Designs Jingle Cat Spatula -
Now Designs Jingle Cat Spatula -
Now Designs Jingle Cat Spatula
$11.95 $15.95
Now Designs Spooktacular Spatula -
Now Designs Spooktacular Spatula
$11.95 $13.99
OXO Good Grips Silicon Jar Spatula -
OXO Good Grips Silicon Jar Spatula -
OXO Good Grips Silicon Jar Spatula
$10.00 $14.00
Now Designs Spatula Must Be Santa -
Now Designs Spatula Must Be Santa
$11.95 $16.99
Now Designs Spoonula - Must Be Santa -
Now Designs Spoonula - Must Be Santa
$11.92 $16.99

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Spatulas are versatile kitchen utensils used for a variety of tasks, including stirring, scraping, flipping, mixing, and serving food. They come in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes to suit specific cooking needs.

Here's a breakdown of spatula products:

By Material

  • Silicone spatula: These are popular due to their heat resistance, flexibility, and non-stick properties. They're safe for use on non-stick cookware and easy to clean.
  • Rubber spatula: Similar to silicone, rubber spatulas are heat-resistant and flexible, but may not be as durable.
  • Plastic spatula: A more affordable option, but may not be as heat-resistant as silicone or rubber and can scratch non-stick cookware.
  • Stainless steel spatula: Sturdy and heat-resistant, ideal for heavy-duty tasks like scraping pans or flipping burgers. However, they can scratch non-stick cookware.
  • Wooden spatula: A classic choice, wooden spatulas are gentle on non-stick cookware and heat-resistant. However, they may absorb moisture and require special care.
  • Bamboo spatula: Similar to wooden spatulas in terms of functionality, but considered a more eco-friendly option.

By Design

  • Heat-resistant spatula: Essential for handling hot food and cookware safely.
  • Non-stick spatula: Slides easily under food without sticking, ideal for delicate items like pancakes or eggs.
  • Flexible spatula: Bends and conforms to curved surfaces, making it great for scraping bowls or mixing batter.
  • Rigid spatula: Offers more stability for tasks like flipping burgers or lifting heavy ingredients.
  • Turner spatula/Flipper spatula: These have a wide, flat blade ideal for flipping food.
  • Scraping spatula: Features a flat, firm edge for scraping bowls, pans, or food prep surfaces.
  • Mixing spatula: Has a flexible blade for efficient mixing of batters, doughs, or other ingredients.
  • Serving spatula: Large and wide for easily serving food from platters or pans.
  • Offset spatula: The blade is angled relative to the handle, allowing for better leverage under food.
  • Angled spatula: Similar to offset spatula, with the blade tilted at an angle for scraping or reaching into corners.
  • Slotted spatula: Has slots in the blade for draining liquids while lifting food, useful for tasks like lifting fish or fried foods.
  • Solid spatula: A basic spatula with a continuous, solid blade.

By Size and Shape

  • Spatula set: Includes multiple spatulas in different sizes and shapes for various uses.
  • Mini spatula: Small and maneuverable, perfect for small tasks or delicate foods.
  • Large spatula: Ideal for flipping large items like pancakes or omelets.
  • Narrow spatula: Useful for reaching into narrow jars or containers.
  • Wide spatula: Great for tasks like serving lasagna or lifting large cuts of meat.

By Handle

Spatula with wooden handle: Classic and comfortable grip.

Spatula with silicone handle: Heat-resistant and comfortable to hold.

Spatula with ergonomic grip: Designed for improved comfort and reduced hand strain.

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