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Enzymedica Acid Soothe 30 Capsules -
Enzymedica Acid Soothe 30 Capsules
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AOR DGL-760 60 Veg Capsules -
AOR DGL-760 60 Veg Capsules
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Sisu Melatonin 10 Mg 90 tablets -
Sisu Melatonin 10 Mg 90 tablets
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AOR Gastro Relief - 60 Veg Capsules -
AOR Gastro Relief - 60 Veg Capsules -
AOR Gastro Relief - 60 Veg Capsules
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Acid reflux and heartburn products are designed to bring relief from the burning discomfort caused by stomach acid traveling up into the esophagus. These products come in various formulations to address the issue in different ways:

Types of Acid Reflux & Heartburn Products:

  1. Antacids: These provide fast-acting relief by neutralizing stomach acid directly. They come in various forms like:

- Tablets: Tums or Rolaids are common examples.
- Chewable tablets: Often preferred for faster action and easier consumption.

- Liquids: May be flavored and offer a soothing effect.
- Effervescent tablets: Dissolve in water to create a fizzy drink that can be more palatable.

2. H2 Blockers: These reduce the amount of acid your stomach produces. They take longer to work than antacids but provide longer-lasting relief. H2 blockers come primarily in tablet form (Pepcid, Zantac).
3. Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs): These are the strongest type of over-the-counter (OTC) medication for acid reflux. They work similarly to H2 blockers but are even more effective at reducing acid production. PPIs are typically available in tablet form (Prilosec, Prevacid 24HR).

How They Work:

  • Antacids: Work quickly to neutralize existing stomach acid, providing relief within minutes. However, their effect is temporary (usually lasting up to a few hours).
  • H2 Blockers: Reduce acid production for several hours (typically 4-6 hours).
  • PPIs: Offer the longest-lasting relief (up to 24 hours) by significantly reducing acid production.

Choosing the Right Product:

  • For occasional heartburn: Antacids are a good choice for quick relief.
  • For frequent heartburn: H2 blockers or PPIs might be a better option for longer-lasting relief.

Important Considerations:

  • Consult your doctor: If you experience frequent or severe heartburn, it's crucial to consult your doctor to determine the underlying cause and discuss the most appropriate treatment plan.
  • Dosage: Always follow the recommended dosage instructions on the label.
  • Long-term use: Discuss long-term use of H2 blockers and PPIs with your doctor, as they may not be suitable for everyone.

By understanding these different types of products and how they work, you can choose the best solution for your acid reflux and heartburn relief.

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