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Dr. Hauschka Blusher Brush - 1 Brush -
Dr. Hauschka Blusher Brush - 1 Brush -
Dr. Hauschka Blusher Brush - 1 Brush
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Here's a breakdown of foundation, blush, and bronzer products and what they do for your complexion:


  • Purpose: Creates a flawless, even canvas for the rest of your makeup.
  • Benefits:
    - Coverage: Evens out skin tone, concealing imperfections like blemishes, redness, and dark circles. Coverage can range from sheer to full.

- Smoothness: Fills in fine lines and minimizes pores, creating a smooth, airbrushed appearance.

- Radiance: Boosts your complexion's natural radiance for a healthy, glowing look. Available in matte, dewy, or satin finishes depending on your preference.

- Hydration: Some foundations are formulated to hydrate the skin while providing coverage.
- Long-lasting: Ensures your makeup stays put throughout the day.

  • Application: Foundation is typically applied after moisturizer and sunscreen and before blush and bronzer. Blending is key to achieve a natural, seamless look.


  • Purpose: Adds a natural flush of color to the cheeks, mimicking a healthy, rosy glow.
  • Benefits:
    - Natural Look: Enhances your natural complexion with a subtle pop of color.

- Pigmentation: Blush comes in a variety of shades and pigmentations, from sheer to buildable, allowing you to control the intensity of the color.
- Radiance and Glow: Blush adds a touch of radiance and healthy-looking flush to the face. Finishes can be dewy, matte, or satin.
- Freshness: A touch of blush can instantly make your face look fresh and awake.

  • Application: Blush is typically applied to the apples of your cheeks and blended upwards towards your temples.


  • Purpose: Adds warmth and definition to the face, mimicking a natural sun-kissed look.
  • Benefits:

    - Warmth and Radiance: Bronzer adds warmth and a subtle glow to the complexion, creating a healthy, sun-kissed appearance.

- Contouring: Bronzer can be used to subtly sculpt and define the face, adding depth and dimension.
- Natural Look: Available in matte and shimmer finishes, allowing you to achieve a natural, healthy look.
- Blendability: A good bronzer should blend seamlessly for a natural effect.

  • Application: Bronzer is typically applied to areas where the sun naturally hits your face, such as the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and bridge of the nose.

By using these products together, you can create a flawless, natural-looking base with a touch of color and definition for a beautiful, healthy-looking complexion.

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