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Sisu U-Cubes Vitamin C 90 Gummies -
Sisu U-Cubes Vitamin C 90 Gummies
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Organika Grow Plus 60 Capsules -
Organika Grow Plus 60 Capsules -
Organika Grow Plus 60 Capsules
$17.99 $23.00

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Children's supplement products provide essential nutrients or address specific health concerns in a way that's appealing and easy for children to take. They come in various forms to suit different preferences and ages.

Types of Products:

  • Chewable Supplements: Pleasant-tasting tablets formulated for easy chewing.
  • Gummy Vitamins: Delicious and fun gummies containing a blend of essential vitamins.
  • Liquid Supplements: Easy-to-swallow liquids containing vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients.
  • Powder Supplements: Powdered formulas mixed into juice, yogurt, or smoothies for added nutrition.
  • Capsule Supplements (for older children): Easy-to-swallow capsules containing concentrated nutrients (consult a doctor before use).
  • Effervescent Tablets: Fizzing tablets that dissolve in water for a refreshing and flavorful way to take supplements.
  • Multi-vitamin Packs: Pre-measured packets containing a combination of essential vitamins and minerals for daily use.
  • Single-vitamin Packs: Individual packets containing a specific vitamin or mineral for targeted supplementation.
  • Kids' Herbal Supplements: Natural plant-based remedies formulated specifically for children's needs (consult a doctor before use).
  • Kids' Probiotic Supplements: Promote gut health with kid-friendly strains of probiotics.


  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals: Support healthy growth and development.
  • Probiotics: Live bacteria that promote gut health and digestion.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Essential for brain development and overall health.
  • Fiber: Promotes digestive health and regularity.
  • Herbal Extracts: Natural plant-based ingredients used for specific health concerns (consult a doctor before use).
  • Antioxidants: Protect cells from damage.
  • Prebiotics: Nourish the growth of good bacteria in the gut.
  • Amino Acids: Building blocks of protein, important for growth and development.
  • Botanicals: Plant-derived ingredients used for various health purposes (consult a doctor before use).
  • Enzymes: Aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.


  • Chewables & Gummies: Kid-friendly formats for easy and enjoyable intake.
  • Liquids & Powders: Convenient for mixing into beverages or food.
  • Capsules & Tablets (for older children): Easier to swallow than chewables (consult a doctor before use for specific products).
  • Effervescent Tablets: Fun and fizzy way to take supplements.


  • Kid-friendly: Designed to be appealing and easy for children to take.
  • Easy-to-chew (Chewables): Convenient for young children.
  • Quick-dissolve (Some Powders, Tablets): Enhance compliance, especially for younger children.
  • Non-drowsy: Avoid daytime sleepiness (important for certain supplements).
  • Fast-acting (Some Products): Provide quick absorption of nutrients (consult a doctor before use).
  • Long-lasting (Some Products): Sustained benefits throughout the day.
  • Vegetarian-friendly & Vegan-friendly: Suitable for specific dietary needs.
  • Gluten-free & Dairy-free: Safe for children with allergies or sensitivities.
  • Non-sticky (Gummies): Minimize mess during consumption.
  • Non-GMO: Made without genetically modified organisms.


  • Daily Use: Incorporated into daily routines to ensure consistent intake.
  • Morning Routine: Can be part of a morning routine to start the day with essential nutrients.
  • Nighttime (Some Products): Certain minerals may be better absorbed at night (consult a doctor before use).
  • On-the-go (Travel-size Products): Convenient for maintaining supplement intake outside the home.
  • Home Use: Ensure children receive daily supplements in the comfort of home.
  • Quick Absorption (Liquids, Powders): Offer faster nutrient absorption.
  • All-in-one (Multi-vitamin Packs): Provide a complete blend of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Mealtime (Some Powders): Can be mixed into food or drinks for easier consumption.
  • After-school Snacks (Some Products): Gummy vitamins or chewables can be a healthy after-school snack option.


  • Child-resistant Cap (Capsules, Tablets): Ensures safety for children.
  • Eco-friendly & Recyclable Packaging: Appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Travel-size (Liquids, Powders): Convenient for portability.
  • Single-dose Packets: Offer portion control and mess-free use.
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