Pascoe Tussiflorin Thyme Oral Syrup 100ml (Discontinued)

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Pascoe Tussiflorin Thyme Oral Syrup 100ml

Tussiflorin® Thyme was first developed in 1960. This cough syrup is a great-tasting expectorant made with pure thyme extract that may be used by the whole family. Tussiflorin® Thyme is effective for adults, but it can also be used as a cough syrup for children or toddlers (suitable for ages 1 and older).

Dry Cough Oral Syrup Product Features

  • HELPS TO RELIEVE COUGHS AND SYMPTOMS OF BRONCHITIS & CATARRHS– Tussiflorin Thyme is a delicious herbal cough syrup that has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of coughs. Tussiflorin Thyme, made with pure thyme extract, soothes a sore throat and relaxes bronchial muscles, aids in the elimination of mucus and phlegm, reduces coughs and other upper respiratory tract disturbances, has a low alcohol and sugar content, and tastes fantastic!
  • THYMUS VULGARIS - Thymus Vulgaris is a plant that has been used for centuries to aid in the fight against diseases. It is an excellent immune system booster and includes essential oils that are beneficial against a wide range of illnesses, including bacteria, viruses, and worms. It's also a spasmolytic, meaning it relaxes muscles, as well as an anti-inflammatory and antitussive, meaning it reduces coughs, making it a calming herb for the body throughout any sickness.
  • AN EXCELLENT SUBSTITUTE FOR COUGH SYRUP - Tussiflorin is made from thyme that has been extracted in glycerol to give it a pleasant flavor that people of all ages enjoy. will love, even children. This glycerol base is sweetened with malitol syrup, making it a sugar-free and delicious cough treatment solution.
    NON-DRYING – Tussiflorin is a non-drowsy cough syrup alternative to others. It's an antibiotic that works by both fighting invading microorganisms and relaxing the muscles in the infected area so the pathogen may be removed from the body. Instead of affecting the nervous system's function, it acts to calm the body down by relaxing the muscles in the area.
  • ACCEPTABLE FOR AGES 1 AND UP - Tussiflorin is a cough syrup that is suitable for children aged 1 and up when taken in the recommended dosage. Tussiflorin is produced from pure thyme plant extract in a glycerol basis, which makes it easier to swallow for youngsters.

How to use 25g liquid extract from Thymus vulgaris per 100g liquid

Children (1-4 years): 5 mL twice a day
Children (5-11 years): 5 mL 2-3 times a day
Adolescents and adults 12 years and up: 10 mL three to four times a day
The product should be taken with plenty of water. (e.g. half a glass of water).

Medicinal ingredient in Tussiflorin Thyme

25g liquid extract from Thymus vulgaris is included in 100g liquid. (Thyme) (DER 1:2-2.5).

Non-medicinal ingredients in Tussiflorin Thyme

Purified water, Maltitol Syrup, Ammonium hydroxide, Glycerol, Ethanol, Maltitol Syrup.
Thyme has been used as a medicinal herb for generations to treat a variety of diseases. Thyme is now recognized in modern herbal medicine as a beneficial plant for coughs and colds, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, and whooping cough. Thyme has long been considered one of the greatest natural cough treatments. Thyme fights bronchitis-causing bacteria, fungi, and spasms with its antibacterial, antifungal, and antispasmodic properties.


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.