Pascoe Amara-Pascoe 50ml

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Pascoe Amara-Pascoe 50ml

Digestive Bitters for Indigestion Symptoms

Are symptoms of indigestion catching up with you and slowing you down? Are you searching for how to get rid of indigestion without loading your body with chemicals? The Pascoe Amara-Pascoe is an all-natural digestive bitter that aims to reduce indigestion symptoms to keep your body protecting you so you can conquer each day without interruptions.

How to get rid of indigestion

Digestive bitters are made of herbs that support digestive function through your body’s bitter receptors. They encourage the creation of saliva and stomach acid to help increase digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

So, instead of struggling through meals and popping tums like chalky candy, mix between 45-60 drops of this Amara-Pascoe with some warm water 15 to 30 minutes before your meal. This will not only help your digestion of the food, but can break down fats and fat-soluble vitamins and reduce gas, bloating and heartburn.

Relieve symptoms of indigestion

The Pascoe Amara-Pascoe combines the bitter properties of gentian root and cinchona bark to combat your symptoms of indigestion so you can live each day to the max.

This digestive bitter stimulates appetite through the creation of digestive juices in the digestive tract. This stomach acid is essential for breaking down food and helps protect you from parasites and bacterium.

You shouldn't have to stress over stomach problems with regular use of these digestive bitter drops. The gentian in Amara-Pascoe stimulates bitter receptors found on your tongue, stomach, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas which can improve appetite loss, indigestion, and gas.

Then there’s also the alkaloids and quinovin compounds of cinchona that encourage the release of saliva and improve weak digestive function to relieve bloating and fullness. These two join forces to provide ultimate protection and relief so you can carry on your day.

Say goodbye to tiresome indigestion symptoms

The Amara-Pascoe wants you to spend the least amount of time each day worrying about digestion. The oral drops are straightforward and easy to use. Simply dilute the drops with warm water and drink it up. Because it’s recommended to be ingested before each meal, the Amara-Pascoe oral drops are easily adopted into your regular routine.

Natural healthcare that improves quality of life

Pascoe is a leading creator of high-quality homeopathic supplements. They understand the growing desire for natural healthcare that’s low in side effects but improves health and life quality. They are passionate about providing superior, quality homeopathic care. The Amara-Pascoe is designed to provide consumers relief from indigestion and its symptoms to let you focus on living your life to the fullest.

Digestive Supplement Features

  • Made from naturally sourced medicinal ingredients
  • Supports digestive function
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Relieves digestive symptoms and dyspepsia
  • Ameliorates bloating and sluggish digestion
  • Suitable for ages 12 and up
  • 50ml oral drops


1g (47 drops) contains:

  • Cinchona 0.1g
  • Gentiana lutea (Gentian) 0.04g
  • Citrus aurantium (Bitter orange) 0.04g
  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) 0.02g

No medicinal

  • 65% (V/V) alcohol


Add 45-60 drops to liquid 15-30 minutes before each meal.