Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream

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Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream

What is Pascoe Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream Used for?

Lymphdiaral® Drainage-Cream is a homoeopathic medicine for swelling and inflammation symptoms like pain, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes caused by injury or recurring illnesses like earaches, tonsillitis, and sinusitis. It has been used for over 40 years and has a high level of tolerance. Patients as young as one year old can benefit from it. For proper lymphatic function, lymphatic drainage is critical. Lymphdiaral® is a natural product made of conium, calendula, and colchicum, as well as other natural components.

Product Benefits/Features

  • HELPS TO RELIEVE SWELLING AND INFLAMMATION SYMPTOMS - Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream is medicine for swelling and inflammation symptoms including pain, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes caused by injury or recurring disorders like earaches, tonsillitis, and sinusitis.
  • CALENDULA - One of the most extensively utilized and healing plants is calendula. It's frequently applied topically to treat skin disorders, lumps and bumps, and injuries of any kind. When used topically, it aids in the promotion of circulation, the removal of stagnation, the reduction of inflammation, and the stimulation of healing.
  • CONIUM - Conium is a homoeopathic remedy for lymph node swelling, particularly when the lymph nodes feel hard to the touch. The glandular and capillary systems are where Conium has the most effect. It serves to alleviate pain and inflammation in the glands by reducing swelling.hmm
  • CHEAPER THAN CBD OIL FOR JOINT PAIN AND INFLAMMATION - Lymphdiaral cream's blend of homoeopathic preparations relieves pain and inflammation at a similar but far more inexpensive rate than CBD oil. It's a fantastic option that's more widely available and comes with less adverse effects. It's also an excellent substitute for Traumeel cream, which is difficult to come by in Canada.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, STEROID-FREE, CORTISONE-FREE – Lymphadiral cream is a completely natural remedy. The cream's blend of homoeopathic ingredients works to reduce swelling, discomfort, and inflammation in the body. It has a low risk of side effects, is well tolerated, and has a mild effect on the body and skin. It's a cream that's free of steroid and cortisone while yet acting as an anti-inflammatory. This makes it ideal for daily use over a lengthy period of time.

Recommended Dosage and Ingredients

Purified water, emulsifying cetyl stearyl alcohol (type A), Oleum Petrae, ethanol 86 percent (m/m), [(Z)-Octadec-9-en-1-yl]oleate, Conium maculatum 2X 0.1 g, Colchicum autumnale 4X 0.01 g, Calendula officinalis 0.02 g, Mercurius bijodatus 5X 0.001
Adults and children (aged one to twelve): One to three times per day, apply the cream sparingly to the lymph node drainage area (neck, groyne), then to the affected area.

Why Choose Pascoe?

Pascoe has been making high-quality homoeopathic complex remedies, drinkable ampoules, botanical remedies, alkalizing tablets, and drainage creams for over 120 years. Our product selection reflects and strives to meet the complex and varied needs for health products.


Due to the ingredient Colchicum, Lymphdiaral® Drainage-Cream should not be used if pregnant or breastfeeding. Cetostearyl alcohol may cause local skin irritation (e.g. contact dermatitis).

Side effects

There have been very rare reports of itching skin rashes, which
resolve after discontinuation of the ointment.