FitterFirst FitBall Seating Disc - Junior - 12" Green (Discontinued)

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FitterFirst FitBall Seating Disc

The FitterFirst FitBall Seating Disc has been designed to be a multi-use balance tool which offers an unstable surface that engages multiple core muscles during a workout. The versatility of this product means that it can be used while either in a sitting or standing position, and the amount of wobble that the FitterFirst FitBall Seating Disc offers an opportunity for a person to optimize their mobility while improving their overall stability.

When used as a seat, the FitterFirst FitBall seating Disc can help to significantly improve your posture and can also be beneficial in helping relieve lower back pain and neck pain. When placed on the floor during a workout, it has been designed to put stress on the muscles in the feet and legs to help improve core strength. The air-filled cushion which features a dome-shaped top has been designed to mimic the functionality of an exercise ball. This improves the versatility of this product and ensures that it can be used during multiple different exercises.

The unique textured surface of the FitterFirst FitBall Seating Disc also ensures an improved circulation during each workout so that you are able to get the most out of your exercise routine. If you are looking for a way to improve your workouts and add a challenge to your exercise routine for improved results, then the FitterFirst FitBall Seating Disc is just what you are looking for. The durable design and premium quality materials that this product has been designed with means that it will be part of your fitness routine for many years to come.

Key Features:

  • Made from premium quality material

  • Durable construction lasts longer

  • Can be used in either sitting or standing position during workouts

  • Helps improve posture and reduce back pain

  • Textured surface on one side helps improve circulation

  • Inflatable design is easy to store and travel with (Pump not included)