Gaiam Printed Yoga Block (Various Designs)

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Gaiam Printed Yoga Block 

Yoga blocks have been the go-to prop to increase length and reach for years, and now they are available in prints with Gaiam Printed Yoga Block. This light weight yet stable yoga block comes with beveled edges for easy gripping. 


  • Non-slip surface to ensure stability
  • Deepen your stretches and poses
  • Ensure proper alignment during poses
  • Measurements: 9"W x 6"H x 4"D.

  • Weight: 4.6 oz. 
  • Materials: Sturdy Foam

Care Instructions: Spot clean with mild detergent. Towel or air dry.


Q: How can I select the design that suits my preferences for the Gaiam Printed Yoga Block?

A: Gaiam offers a range of printed designs for the yoga block. You can choose the one that resonates with your personal style or preference. Whether you prefer calming patterns or vibrant motifs, our diverse selection ensures you can find a design that complements your individual taste and adds a touch of personality to your yoga routine.

Q: Is the Gaiam Printed Yoga Block suitable for various yoga poses and skill levels?

A: Absolutely! The Gaiam Printed Yoga Block is designed to be versatile and supportive for practitioners of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, these blocks provide the stability needed for a wide range of poses. The various designs do not compromise functionality, ensuring that you can integrate them seamlessly into your practice while enjoying the added visual appeal.

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