FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge - Junior 10"

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FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge

Have you been sitting in a desk chair all day? This may not be ideal for your body. Many people complain about back pains and aches from sitting in the same position for longer periods of time. However, it always comes down to your seating position. A simple solution to your problem is a seating wedge. A seating wedge is a specially shaped foam cushion that can be used on any type of chair that has a firm base. The FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge helps create an angle between your torso and upper leg. This helps create an improved sitting position.

The FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge tilts the pelvis forward, improving the inward curve of the lower spine as you sit. That is why when you sit on a wedge, you will find yourself sitting more upright, and your weight will evenly be distributed to your sitting muscles. Not only will this reduce tension in your joints and discs, but it will also help align all the ligaments in your entire spine.

Using the FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge every day will improve your core stability, reduce back pain, and allow a supportive working position, especially when you don’t have time to stretch your body. The FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge is great for those with arthritic pain. A seating wedge also helps reduce Sciatic pain. It provides back and lumbar support since it is filled with air. Use the FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge at home, work, or even in the classroom!


  • Ensures proper posture and alignment

  • Aligns the spine and reduces slouching by tilting pelvis

  • Textured surface on one side to increase circulation in the body

  • Provides back and lumbar support

  • Filled with air

  • Can be used at home, at work, or in the classroom

  • Comes in 2 sizes- 10" Junior or 13” adult.