Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick

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Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick

The Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick is prefect for beginners to help shorten stretches and can by used to extend stretches even deeper for advanced yogis.  Great texture, comfortable and pliable, these bricks provide optimal grip and traction. 


  • Supports your body during difficult poses
  • Increases your reach and flexibility
  • Made from all-natural materials
  • Rounded edges for extra comfort
  • Measurements: 9"W x 5.5"H x 3"D
  • Materials: 100% All-Natural Recycled Cork.


Q: Can beginners use the Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick?

A: The yoga brick is designed for practitioners of all levels, providing essential support for both beginners and advanced yogis.

Q: Is the Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick suitable for hot yoga?

A: Yes, the natural cork construction provides a non-slip surface, making it suitable for various yoga styles, including hot yoga.

Q: Is cork a sustainable material for yoga products?

A: Cork is highly sustainable. It is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, allowing the trees to continue growing and promoting a renewable resource.

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