Fitterfirst Professional Rocker Board 20"

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Fitterfirst Professional Rocker Board 20"

The Fitterfirst Professional Rocker Board is ideal for beginners to balance training, seniors, and those involved in rehabilitation for knee, ankle, and other leg injuries. Included in it is a single plane of tilt and a wide and stable stance. Made from strong Baltic birch plywood and a urethane rocking base, the Rocker Board pitches back and forth across one plane and is customizable to 10, 12, and 15 degrees for distinct difficulties via two adjustable spheres. A perfect balance board for people who may not have confidence in their balancing capabilities. Keep it in mind to make sure your head is up, and eyes are looking ahead of you while operating it.


  • Ability to create better balance and coordination.
  • Increased sense of body awareness
  • Improved strength and flexibility of knee and ankle muscles and ligaments
  • Dimensions: 55.88 x 10.16 x 55.88 cm; 3.4 Kilograms
  • Height: 15.2 centimeters
  • Length: 51 centimeters
  • Decrease rehabilitation time & improve sports performance.
  • Safe, non-slip surface for any type of footwear or bare feet

See increases in balance, coordination, and agility while improving strength in core and stabilizing muscles in the lower body.

Why use a rocker board?

Balance boards are best known for their role in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and balance training. However, any form of physical activity burns calories, so using a balance board may also aid in weight loss. Coordination is vastly improved when you train on a balance board. You will be more in tune with your body, better able to fluidly move from one position to another. This will result in the conservation of energy, allowing you to achieve maximum result for minimum output.

How does a rocker board benefit athletes?

Balance board training will improve your agility. The ability to make quick transitions is a fundamental skill in most sports. It will allow you to instantly transition from offense to defense and to better react to the unpredictability of the ball and your opposition. Developing a stronger balance in a fixed position will enable an athlete to stand his ground more effectively. For a beach volleyball player negotiating the shifting sands under her feet or a basketball point guard in a defensive stance, maintaining a fixed position is crucial.

What Positive Effect Does Rocker Board Have On Your Brain?

When you improve your balance and posture, your ability to focus and give attention to a subject improves. The ability of your brain to coordinate its two hemispheres and to perfectly fine motor skills is dependent upon your body alignment and what is known as vestibular processing. Vestibular processing can be defined as your spatial perception of the world around you. Dr. Jean Ayers, a pioneer in the field of vestibular processing enhancement, used the balance board in her sensory integration therapy sessions. She worked with people with sensory integration disorder. Clinical trials conducted by Dr. Ayers showed that balance training helped to improve eye control, coordination, language development and concentration. Dr. Ayers found that balance training forced the user to constantly be using neural networks in order to coordinate the mind and body. This helps us to be better learners.