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Experience the New Way of Aging with the Adëeva Anti-aging Supplement Program, which is designed to enable you to have a disease-free, more highly functional body and mind for the longest period of time. Breakthrough studies in recent years prove that you don’t have to age like your parents or grandparents did. Studies have shown that targeted nutritional supplements can counter the genetic time bombs of aging and disease, keeping your mind and body highly functional — an outcome that drugs alone can not provide. The simple truth is that targeted nutritional supplements are an important part of slowing and reversing key aspects of the aging process, reducing risk of many degenerative diseases and helping to better manage a number of health conditions, in conjunction with a prudent diet, regular exercise, avoiding known carcinogens, remaining at a healthy weight and so on. But, supplements are often the over looked part of the wellness story, and they are an important part.

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  • Adeeva Prostate 40 Plus 60 Veg Capsules | 616255100947

    Adeeva Prostate 40 Plus 60 Veg Capsules

    $38.45 $49.00

    Adeeva Prostate 40 Plus At age 40 the prostate gland tends to speeds up the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).* High levels of DHT cause prostate cells to replicate rapidly causing prostate enlargement and increasing the risk of...

  • Adeeva All-In-One Multi-Vitamin and Mineral | 616255100435

    Adeeva All-In-One Multi-Vitamin and Mineral 120 caplets

    $38.45 $49.00

    ADEEVA ALL-IN-ONE MULTI-VITAMIN AND MINERAL Adeeva All-In-One Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Adeeva All-In-One Multi-Vitamin and Mineral contains optimal values of everything from Vitamin A-to-Zinc to support general well being, energy, immune support,...

  • Adeeva Glucosamine Joint Formula | 616255100510

    Adeeva Glucosamine Joint Formula 90 capsules

    $38.45 $49.00

    ADEEVA GLUCOSAMINE JOINT FORMULA Adeeva Glucosamine Joint Formula Adeeva Glucosamine Joint Formula contains a purified and stable grade of glucosamine sulfate along with three natural herbs that support joint health and block key steps associated with...

  • Adeeva Bone Support Formula | 616255100633

    Adeeva Bone Support Formula 60 caplets

    $28.75 $37.00

    ADEEVA BONE SUPPORT FORMULA Adeeva Bone Support Formula Adeeva Bone Support Formula contains optimal amounts of the key bone building nutrients that are vital to the prevention and management of osteoporosis and osteopenia.* Osteoporosis affects one in...

  • Adeeva Nature's Relief | 616255100954

    Adeeva Nature's Relief 90 capsules

    $43.95 $55.00

    ADEEVA NATURE'S RELIEF Adeeva Nature's Relief Adeeva Nature's Relief contains four powerful herbal agents that have been tested in clinical trials.* Together, these ingredients are said to block various steps associated with the production of...

  • Adeeva Nature's Essential Oils | 616255100442

    Adeeva Nature's Essential Oils 90 capsules

    $30.95 $40.00

    ADEEVA NATURE'S ESSENTIAL OILS Adeeva Nature's Essential Oils Adeeva Nature's Essential Oils Contain an optimum blend of omega 3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids, which support cardiovascular, immune, brain and nerve function as well as vision, skin...

  • Adeeva Sleep-E Naturals | 616255100770

    Adeeva Sleep-E Naturals 90 capsules

    $38.49 $49.00

    ADEEVA SLEEP-E NATURALS Adeeva Sleep-E Naturals Sleep-E Naturals contains natural agents that help improve sleep quality and duration, naturally, without risk of addiction or dependency.* It also contains nutrients that help protect the brain against...

  • Adeeva Body Burn | 616255100022

    Adeeva Body Burn 90 capsules

    $38.35 $49.00

    ADEEVA BODY BURN Adeeva Body Burn Adëeva Body Burn contains three natural ingredients shown to help you burn fat if you are over weight and help you gain lean muscle mass in conjunction with resistance training.* The combination of Chromium,...

  • Adeeva Adrnl Support Formula | 616255100411

    Adeeva Adrnl Support Formula 60 veg capsules

    $41.75 $52.00

    ADEEVA ADRENAL SUPPORT FORMULA Adeeva Adrenal Support Formula The "Stress of Life" by Dr. Hans Selye (a Canadian Endocrinologist) published in 1956, provided scientists and doctors with ground-breaking findings related to the effects of chronic stress...

  • Adeeva Immuno-Detox Prime | 616255100459

    Adeeva Immuno-Detox Prime 60 capsules

    $38.45 $49.00

    ADEEVA IMMUNO-DETOX PRIME Adeeva Immuno-Detox Prime Adeeva Immuno-Detox Prime contains natural herbal agents that support the function of the immune system and detoxification enzymes which help the body eliminate foreign compounds and other impurities...

  • Adeeva Flora Essentials | 616255100466

    Adeeva Flora Essentials 120 capsules

    $44.35 $57.00

    ADEEVA FLORA ESSENTIALS Adeeva Flora Essentials Adeeva Flora Essentials contains a high potency, full-spectrum blend of digestive enzymes (from non-animal sources) in combination with the prebiotics fructo-oligosaccharide and inulin, which together aid...

  • Adeeva Memory Support Complex 30 Veg Capsules | 616255100732

    Adeeva Memory Support Complex 30 Veg Capsules

    $40.50 $51.00

    Adeeva Memory Support Complex Memory Support Complex contains CDP-choline, Phosphatidylserine, Huperzine A, as well as an herb referred to as Bacopa Monnieri, which is used in the Indian Medical System to support brain and memory function and act as a...

  • Adeeva Women's Hormonal Balance | 616255100473

    Adeeva Women's Hormonal Balance 60 capsules

    $38.45 $49.00

    ADEEVA WOMEN'S HORMONAL BALANCE Adeeva Women's Hormonal Balance Women's Hormonal Balance Formula is an all-natural product containing three proven herbal agents that have been shown to support female hormonal health and help manage a variety of female...

  • Adeeva Ultimate GLX | 616255100350

    Adeeva Ultimate GLX 60 capsules

    $38.49 $49.00

    ADEEVA ULTIMATE GLX Adeeva Ultimate GLX Ultimate GLX contains natural agents that are said to boost liver and cellular levels of the antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione is not only a premiere cellular antioxidant, but glutathione is also required for...

  • Adeeva Cardio Essentials 60 Veg Capsules  | 616255100503

    Adeeva Cardio Essentials 60 Veg Capsules

    $38.35 $49.00

    ADEEVA CARDIO ESSENTIALS Adeeva Cardio Essentials Adeeva Cardio Essentials contains Coenzyme Q10 and the standardized grade of hawthorn. These active ingredients support energy production at the cellular level, promoting cardiovascular health and the...

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