Gaiam Restore Grooved Roller

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Gaiam Restore Grooved Roller

The unique grooved design of the Gaiam Restore Grooved Roller provides the deep muscular relief that your arms, calf, or spine need. The softly textured surface has compression-sensitive cushioning that stimulates blood flow and gives a mild massage. Its small size makes it perfect for isolating particular muscle regions for a thorough massage and potent relief.


  • Provides gentle massage
  • Grooved center cradles the spine, calf, or arms
  • Lightly textured surface with compression sensitive padding
  • Stimulates blood flow and deep muscle release 
  • Compact size ideal for isolating specific muscle groups
  • 8” length x 4” diameter


Q: How does the Gaiam Restore Grooved Roller contribute to muscle recovery?

A: The Gaiam Restore Grooved Roller features a textured surface with grooves designed to provide a targeted deep tissue massage. This helps stimulate blood circulation, alleviate muscle tightness, and enhance flexibility, making it an effective tool for muscle recovery and reducing post-workout soreness.

Q: What are effective ways to integrate the Gaiam Restore Grooved Roller into my fitness routine?

A: Incorporating the Gaiam Restore Grooved Roller into your fitness routine is easy. Use it pre-workout to warm up and loosen muscles, or post-workout for targeted recovery. Roll the grooved surface over various muscle groups, adjusting pressure as needed. This helps improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and enhance overall mobility as part of a well-rounded fitness regimen.

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