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Drive Medical Quick 'N Easy Comfort Mattress

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Drive Medical Quick 'N Easy Comfort Mattress

The Quick and Easy Comfort Mattress fits any standard-sized bed and provides superior comfort to people with any number of ailments. If you suffer from back pain, have limited mobility, or are recovering from a surgical procedure, the Drive Medical's Quick and Easy Comfort Mattress will significantly ease your discomfort and keep your back straight.

Keeping the spine aligned is essential when it comes to managing back pain, and with this high-quality product, people with backache can ensure that their back is properly positioned as to not aggravate the pain.

The high-efficiency mattress features an inner core encased in a fire retardant barrier, meeting the regulation code 16 CFR 1633, which is the flammability standard to ensure maximum safety in a mattress.

The Drive Medical product is compressed into a much more compact shape using the super compression technology, allowing the mattress to fit in a 37x14x14 inch box. This quality makes transportation of the bed much more convenient and hassle-free. Once it is removed from the case, it expands and grows back to its original size.

The Quick and Easy Comfort Mattress is produced with select grade polyurethane, which provides the same comfort, support, and feel as latex but without inducing any latex-related allergies. Users do not experience irritation on the skin when using this high-comfort mattress that is a given with the regular latex beds.

The Drive Medical's Quick and Easy Comfort Mattress features a non-slip base and four corner straps that keep the medical futon in pace snugly. It also comes with a waterproof nylon cover that's easy to clean and durable.

This high-efficiency product also possesses two carry handles to make transportation convenient, allowing users a clean grip.

Additionally, the quick and easy comfort mattress offers a 12-month warranty, giving customers security.

Comfort Mattress Features

  • An inner core made of polyurethane and encased in a fire-retardant barrier
  • A waterproof nylon cover
  • A non-slip bottom and corner straps
  • Two carry handles

Drive Medical Mattress Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Drive Medical
  • Dimensions: 36" (W) x 80" (L) x 6" (H)
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.