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Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminum Shower Chair | Bath Chair

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Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminum Shower Chair

Are you looking for a bath chair that is sturdy and reliable? Then the Drive Aluminum Bath Chair is the one for you. Incredibly easy to assemble, the chair features an aluminum frame that increases its load-bearing capability.

Slips and falls could happen to anyone, especially seniors. If you’ve previously experienced a slip or fall, you shouldn’t have to shower in fear of another one happening anytime soon. Feeling safe and comfortable in your own home is important, and a shower chair maybe all of the relief you need. By using a shower chair, you can easily enjoy the relaxing sound and sensation of a shower without having to worry about nasty spills.

Drive Medical is currently driving the medical industry in the right direction as leading healthcare and wellness product providers. Their current product line mainly carries assistive beds, baths, and mobility items that improve the quality of life for seniors and other patients alike.

Drive Medical Bath Chair

Older adults and specially-abled people can benefit from the drive aluminum bath chair. The adjustable legs make for an incredibly beneficial feature. The seat's original height is 19.5," and you can increase it in 1" increments.

The legs also feature suction tips, which make it safe to use by keeping it stable at all times. The support collars on the legs also help keep it steady and stop it from quaking no matter at what height you adjust it to.

This shower chair comes with a wide seat and back support that makes the bath experience more comfortable for the user. The bath chair features drainage holes that allow water to flow out and not pool on the seat, making it hygienic.

The medical bath chair is easy to set up and install and does not require the use of tools, which adds to its functionality. It is easy to transport as the seat design includes handles that allow the user to pick up the seat and move it about effortlessly.

The cover of the Drive Medical Bath chair is pinch-free, which makes it easier to adjust. It is also corrosion-free, which adds to its durability and longevity.

The Drive Medical Bath chair removes the fear of slipping or falling in the bath or shower. With it, you can feel secure and supported as you undertake your grooming activities.

Drive Medical Shower Chair Features

  • Height adjustable in 1" increments
  • Aluminum structure
  • Drainage holes
  • Back support
  • Corrosion proof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Height : 15.5”- 19.5”
  • Seat dimensions: 19.25” x 11.5”
  • Overall Weight: 7 lbs
  • Maximum load bearing capacity: 400 lbs

Strong Aluminum Frame

Not every bathroom shower chair is alike. The Drive Medical Aluminum bath chair is unusually strong in comparison to its competing counterparts. Handling an entire weight of 400lbs at once, people of all shapes and sizes should be able to comfortably sit without risk.

Suction Cup Feet

The unique suction cup feet might have you sold on this model as soon as you see it in action. Simply stick the chair to any flat surface to prevent it from falling over. Drive Medical made sure that this thing isn’t going to tip if you’re putting pressure on it as you climb into your bath or shower.

Medical Bath Chair Benefits

Ready for a shower chair that feels like it will keep you safe and secure during those quiet and mindful moments of your day? With the Drive Medical Deluxe aluminum shower chair, you can have a few moments of peace and quiet to yourself as you experience the gentle, soothing experience of a warm shower. Paired with a safety rail, you can easily get in and out of your shower with little-to-no risk of a slip or a fall.

This bath chair isn’t going anywhere! While browsing for shower chairs you may notice that not every chair has anti-slip features. The suction cups on the end of each leg will securely and firmly hold to any flat surface it’s attached to. Additionally, Drive Medical equips their shower chairs with a wide and incredibly supportive design that prevents any additional causes of tipping.

Out of the box, the Drive Medical Deluxe aluminum shower chair requires minimal assembly and is incredibly lightweight. Within as little as minutes, you can find yourself in a position to unwind without the hassle of setup. The aluminum frame also makes this bath chair incredibly lightweight allowing anyone to install or remove the chair.

Drive Bath Chair Specifications

  • Height : 15.5”- 19.5”
  • Seat dimensions: 19.25” x 11.5”
  • Overall Weight: 7 lbs
  • Maximum load bearing capacity: 400 lbs

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