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Drive Medical Shower Chair with Back and Padded Arms

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Drive Medical Shower Chair with Back and Padded Arms

Looking for a shower chair that offers both comfort and convenience? Look no further than the Drive Medical Shower Chair with Back and Padded Arms. This chair features a comfortable back and padded arms to provide ample support during your shower. The chair is also easy to adjust, making it perfect for anyone of any size. This Drive Medical Shower Chair is ideal for facilitating safe showering for seniors, people with disabilities, and those recovering from surgery or an injury. Standing in the shower can increase the risk of slipping or falling, and having this shower chair minimizes the likelihood of slips and falls during showers. It also offers excellent comfort and support, perfect for anyone who needs a little extra space while taking a shower; plus, the back and padded arms make it easy to relax and enjoy your soak.

Shower Chair Features:

  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Corrosion-resistant materials are used
  • The drainage holes on the seat prevent water from collecting
  • The backrest provides support
  • Removable padded arms are comfortable to lean on
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Adjustable height at 1-inch increments

Shower Chair Design:

Drive Medical Shower Chair with Back and Padded Arms is designed to provide a comfortable and safe showering experience for everyone, especially those with limited mobility. This chair features a backrest for support and padded arms to reduce stress on the user’s wrists and provide support while getting in and out of the chair. These arms are designed removable, so users can get them out of the way when not needed. The seat of this chair is also designed uniquely with drainage holes, allowing the water to escape and prevent pooling so that users won’t slip from the seat. Additionally, the chair’s legs are adjustable by 1-inch increments to ensure a perfect fit regardless of the user’s height. This shower chair is made with a top-quality aluminum construction that is resistant to corrosion, making it long-lasting. It is a very sturdy chair that can accommodate users up to 300 pounds. And since the aluminum frame is relatively lightweight, it makes it easier to transport or move it anywhere it is needed. The materials used in this seat are also quite durable, so users don’t have to worry about damaging it even with daily use. Plus, if you prefer eco-friendly items, you will be happy purchasing this bath seat because it has recyclable aluminum construction, making it an environmental-friendly product.

Shower Chair Benefits :

Drive Medical Shower Chair with Back and Padded Arms is a bath chair that offers many benefits for those who need assistance bathing, including the convenience of bathing, additional comfort, and support, and increased mobility and independence.


  • Weight: 9.75 lbs
  • Outside legs: 17.75" x 19.25"
  • Between arms: 18.5”
  • Seat height: 16"-21"
  • Seat D x W: 14.5" x 16"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs