AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu With Small Mask – Adult Size

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AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu With Small Mask – Adult Size

Are you struggling to use your inhaler effectively? The Aerochamber Plus Flow-Vu Adult Spacer with Small Mask can be your game-changer! This innovative spacer simplifies medication delivery for adults, ensuring your medicine reaches where it's needed most—your lungs. The Aerochamber Plus Flow-Vu Adult Spacer with Small Mask empowers you to manage your respiratory condition more effectively. With its visual guide and comfortable fit, this spacer helps you take a deep breath of confidence with every inhalation.

Flow-Vu with Small Mask- Adult Size Features:

  • Effortless Inhalation with Flow-Vu Indicator: Unlike traditional inhalers, the Aerochamber Plus Flow-Vu features a visual indicator that moves as you inhale. This real-time feedback ensures you use the spacer correctly, maximizing medication delivery and giving you peace of mind.
  • Universal Compatibility: You can breathe easily knowing this spacer works with most commonly prescribed metered dose inhalers (MDIs) and soft mist inhalers. There is no need to worry about compatibility issues with your specific medication.
  • Minimized Waste, Maximum Benefit: Advanced anti-static technology within the spacer ensures you receive the full dose of your medication with each inhalation. This reduces medication waste and optimizes the effectiveness of your treatment (Disclaimer: Always consult a healthcare professional before using this product).
  • Comfortable & Secure Fit: The included small mask is designed for adults and creates a comfortable seal around your mouth and nose. This ensures optimal medication delivery to your lungs and minimizes the risk of medication escaping into the environment.

How to Use:

Step 1: Remove the cap from the inhaler. Shake the inhaler immediately before use as per the instructions supplied.

Step 2: Insert the inhaler into the chamber's backpiece. Apply a mask to the face to ensure an effective seal.

Step 3: Exhale, then press the inhaler once at the beginning of a slow inhalation. Hold the mask in place and breathe in and out through the chamber for 5-6 breaths.

How to Clean:

Step 1: Remove the backpiece (D). To detach the front piece (B), twist the chamber as shown.

Step 2: Hand wash—Soak the parts for 15 minutes in a mild solution of liquid dish detergent and lukewarm clean water. Agitate gently. Rinse the parts in clean water.

Step 2: Dishwasher- Place parts in the top rack of the dishwasher. Ensure product is securely placed face up. Run the dishwasher on a normal or light cycle. Do not heat dry.

Step 3: Shake out excess water and allow air to dry vertically. Ensure parts are dry before reassembly.

Step 4: To reassemble, fit the front piece (B) on the end of the chamber and twist firmly until securely locked into position. Center the alignment feature (C) on the backpiece with the Flow-Vu* Inhalation Indicator (A), as shown. Press firmly to attach the backpiece (D).


Q: What if the small mask doesn't fit me?

A: While the small mask suits many adults, some may require a larger size. If unsure, consult your healthcare professional to find the best fit for your needs.

Q: How often should I clean the Aerochamber Plus Flow-Vu Spacer?

A: Generally, the spacer should be cleaned once a week, but you can clean it more frequently if needed. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Q: Can I travel with the Aerochamber Plus Flow-Vu Spacer?

A: Absolutely! The spacer is compact and lightweight, making it easy to pack for travel. Some manufacturers also offer carrying cases specifically designed for spacers.

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