Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Bandages Extra Large Knee & Elbow 10 Bandages

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Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Bandages Extra Large Knee & Elbow 10 Bandages

Scraped knees and banged elbows happen, especially during active adventures. Don't let minor wounds slow you down! BAND-AID® Flexible Fabric Knee & Elbow Bandages offer targeted protection and all-day comfort for larger areas.  This pack includes 10 extra-large sterile bandages, perfect for covering wounds on knees and elbows.

Flexible Fabric Bandages Features:

  • Extra-Large Coverage: Designed specifically for knees and elbows, these bandages provide ample protection for larger areas.
  • Flexible Comfort: Made with Memory-Weave™ fabric, they stretch and move with you, ensuring a comfortable fit without restricting movement.
  • Hurt-Free Removal: The non-stick Hurt-Free® pad ensures gentle removal without re-irritating the wound.
  • Long-Lasting Wear: The secure adhesive keeps the bandage in place, even through sweat and minor bumps.


This product is for use on minor cuts and scrapes. For best results, apply a bandage to clean, dry skin. Change the bandage daily when wet or more often if needed.


Q: Can I use these bandages on other body parts?

A: While designed for knees and elbows, these extra-large bandages can be used on other larger wounds. However, BAND-AID® offers a variety of sizes and shapes for optimal coverage of different body parts.

Q: Are these bandages waterproof?

A: No, BAND-AID® Flexible Fabric Bandages are not waterproof. It's best to avoid submerging the bandage in water for extended periods.

Q: How long can I wear these bandages?

A: It's generally recommended that bandages be changed daily or more frequently if they get wet or dirty. For proper wound care, keep an eye on the wound and follow your doctor's instructions.

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