Elastoplast Flexible Fabric Bandages Size 10cm x 8cm

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Elastoplast Flexible Fabric Bandages Size 10cm x 8cm

When it comes to minor cuts, grazes, and wounds, you need a reliable solution that provides optimal protection and promotes healing. Introducing Elastoplast Flexible Fabric Bandages in the convenient size of 10cm x 8cm – your go-to choice for wound care that offers both flexibility and durability.

Flexible Fabric Bandages Features:

  • Superior Flexibility
  • Secure Adhesive
  • Breathable Design
  • Water-resistant
  • Hypoallergenic


    Q: How long can I wear these bandages?

    A: The strong adhesive ensures long-lasting wear, but it's recommended to change the bandage daily or as needed, especially if it becomes wet or dirty.

    Q: Are these bandages waterproof?

    A: While they are water-resistant, prolonged exposure to water may compromise adhesion. It's best to avoid submerging the bandaged area in water for extended periods.

    Q: Can I use these bandages for sports or physical activities?

    A: Absolutely! The flexible and durable design allows for unrestricted movement, making them ideal for sports and other physical activities.

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