Elastoplast Extra Tough Waterproof Bandages 15 Assorted Strips

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Elastoplast Extra Tough Waterproof Bandages 15 Assorted Strips

Constructed with Elastoplast technology, these Extra Tough Waterproof Bandages come in a pack of 15 assorted strips. Perfect for active individuals, these bandages are durable and waterproof, providing long-lasting protection for minor cuts and wounds. Stay protected and heal comfortably with Elastoplast.

Elastoplast Extra Tough Waterproof Bandages Features:

  • The material stretches with the skin's movements.
  • The highly absorbent, non-sticky wound pad protects and cushions the wound.
  • The Sure Stick adhesive ensures extra strong sticking power.


Q: What sizes are included in the pack of 15 assorted strips?

A: The pack contains a variety of sizes to accommodate different wound sizes . Butterfly shapes protect fingertips , H-shapes ideally fit knuckles and Patches for all types of large wounds

Q: Are these bandages water-resistant?

A: Yes, Elastoplast Sensitive Bandages are water-resistant, allowing you to shower or engage in light water activities without compromising their adhesive properties.

Q: Can these bandages be used for children?

A: Yes, these bandages are suitable for children and adults alike. However, adult supervision is recommended when applying bandages to children to ensure proper application.

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