Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages Flexible Fabric Knuckle & Fingertip 20 Bandages

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Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages Flexible Fabric Knuckle & Fingertip 20 Bandages

Looking for comfortable and flexible protection for minor cuts, scrapes, and scrapes on your fingers and knuckles? Look no further than Band-Aid® Flexible Fabric Knuckle & Fingertip Bandages!

Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages Flexible Fabric Knuckle & Fingertip Features:

  • Faster Healing & Superior Comfort: Did you know covered wounds heal faster than uncovered ones?** Band-Aid® helps accelerate healing by providing a protective barrier against dirt and germs. These bandages are crafted with unique MEMORY WEAVE® fabric that stretches and flexes with your movements, ensuring a comfortable fit that won't restrict daily activities – perfect for active individuals!
  • Gentle on Skin & Effective Protection: Featuring a QUILT-AID™ Comfort Pad, these bandages provide gentle cushioning for even the most sensitive skin. The HURT-FREE® pad allows for painless removal, minimizing discomfort during dressing changes. Don't worry about the bandages sticking to your wound!
  • Targeted Protection & Long-Lasting Adhesion: The specially designed shape of these bandages conforms to the unique contours of your knuckles and fingertips, providing targeted protection for these high-movement areas. Plus, the long-lasting adhesive ensures your bandage stays put through handwashing (avoid prolonged soaking) for reliable wound protection throughout the day.
  • A Must-Have for Every First-Aid Kit: Whether you're a parent of a busy toddler, a DIY enthusiast, or an athlete prone to minor scrapes, Band-Aid® Flexible Fabric Knuckle & Fingertip Bandages are a must-have for any first-aid kit. These versatile bandages are ideal for anyone leading an active lifestyle.
  • MEMORY WEAVE® fabric: Stretches and flexes for comfortable wear
  • QUILT-AID™ Comfort Pad: Cushions and protects sensitive skin
  • HURT-FREE® Pad: Ensures gentle, pain-free removal
  • Long-lasting adhesion: Stays put through handwashing
  • Knuckle & fingertip coverage: Targets high-movement areas
  • 20 sterile bandages in assorted sizes
  • #1 doctor-recommended bandage brand (based on US retail dollar sales)

Note: These bandages are not intended for serious or deep wounds. If you experience a serious injury, seek medical attention immediately.


Q: How long can I keep a Band-Aid® Flexible Fabric Knuckle & Fingertip Bandage on?

A: These bandages can be worn for up to 24 hours. However, if they become loose, soiled, or damaged, it's best to replace them.

Q: Are these bandages waterproof?

A: These bandages are water-resistant but not waterproof. Avoid soaking them for extended periods.

Q: Can I use these bandages on my face?

A: While these bandages are safe for most body areas, they may not be the best choice for the face due to their size and shape. Consider using Band-Aid® Brand Adhesive Bandages for smaller wounds on the face.

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