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Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips Salted 12 x 350g

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Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips Salted 12 x 350g

Can you resist the timeless appeal of a perfectly salted chip? Look no further than Que Pasa Organic Salted Tortilla Chips! We use just the right amount of sea salt to create a satisfying and crave-worthy flavour without that unpleasant salty aftertaste. The chips themselves are thick and thin enough, offering the ideal balance of crunch in every bite.

Why Choose Que Pasa Organic Salted Tortilla Chips?

  • Classic Flavor, Wholesome Ingredients: Enjoy the timeless taste of sea salt on organic corn tortillas. Crafted with minimal processing and free from GMOs, these chips are a delicious and guilt-free indulgence.
  • The Perfect Crunch: Not too thick or thin – these chips boast the perfect texture for dipping or enjoying.
  • Made the Traditional Way: Experience the authentic taste of Mexico with Que Pasa's unique process. We use whole organic corn kernels ground between hand-cut volcanic rock for a truly artisanal touch.
  • Bulk Bag, Big Flavor: This 12-pack offers a generous supply of your favourite chips, perfect for sharing with friends and family or indulging in a personal snack stash.

Active Ingredients:

  • Organic Corn
  • Sea Salt

Non-Active Ingredients:

  • Possibly Sunflower or Safflower Oil (organic)
  • Calcium Hydroxide (hydrated lime)


Q: How much salt is in these chips?

A: While the exact amount of sea salt isn't specified, Que Pasa emphasizes that it's enough for flavour without overpowering.

Q: Are these chips vegan?

A: Since the description focuses on organic corn and doesn't mention animal products, these chips are likely vegan. However, it is always recommended to check the ingredient list on the packaging for the most up-to-date information.

Q: What's the best way to store these chips?

A: Unopened bags can be stored in a cool, dry pantry to maintain freshness. Once opened, resealing the bag or transferring the chips to an airtight container is recommended.

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