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Nature's Way Turmeric 60 tablets - YesWellness.com
Nature's Way Turmeric 60 tablets
$28.00 $36.00
Jamieson Collagen Tumeric 60 Caplets - YesWellness.com
Jamieson Collagen Tumeric 60 Caplets - YesWellness.com
Jamieson Collagen Tumeric 60 Caplets
$11.95 $16.00
Botanica Turmeric Liquid Herb 50mL - YesWellness.com
Botanica Turmeric Liquid Herb 50mL - YesWellness.com
Botanica Turmeric Liquid Herb 50mL
$17.95 $25.00

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Turmeric, the vibrant yellow spice beloved in kitchens worldwide, is also gaining recognition for its potential health benefits. Here, we delve into the world of turmeric supplements, helping you choose the perfect option for your needs:

Forms and Delivery:

  • Capsules & Tablets: These convenient options offer pre-measured doses of turmeric extract for easy daily intake.
  • Softgels: These liquid-filled capsules provide a smooth swallowing experience for those who dislike tablets or capsules.

Potency and Purity:

  • Turmeric Extract: Most turmeric supplements contain concentrated turmeric extract, boasting higher curcumin levels (curcumin is the active compound in turmeric) compared to raw turmeric powder.
  • Standardized Extracts: Look for supplements with standardized extracts. Standardization ensures consistent curcumin content, guaranteeing a reliable dosage.
  • Concentrated Options: For those seeking a stronger effect, some brands offer concentrated turmeric extracts with higher milligram (mg) curcumin content per serving.

Additional Considerations:

  • Natural & Botanical: Turmeric is a plant-based ingredient, appealing to those who prefer natural approaches to wellness.
  • Organic Options: Consider organic turmeric supplements sourced from organically grown plants to minimize exposure to pesticides and herbicides.
  • Enhanced Absorption: Some supplements combine turmeric with black pepper extract (piperine), which may enhance curcumin absorption in the body.

Beyond the Spice Rack:

  • Herbal Remedy & Traditional Medicine: Turmeric has a long history of use in traditional medicine for various purposes.
  • Dietary Supplement: Turmeric supplements are considered dietary supplements and are intended to complement a healthy diet, not replace it.


  • Explore the Options: We offer a variety of high-quality turmeric supplements to suit your needs. Explore the selection to find the perfect form, potency, and features for your wellness goals.

By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision and harness the potential health benefits of turmeric through our curated range of supplements!

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