Relaxus Exersit Cushion

SKU: REL-703260 UPC: 628949032618

Relaxus Exer-Sit Balance Air Cushion

The Balance Air Cushion has flexible massage nodules on one side and a flat, slightly surface on the other. The perfect alternative to the exercise ball or sitting wedge. Great for back, seat & feet. This is the all-purpose body cushion.

Sitting or standing on the Balance Air Cushion will improve core stability. It's stimulating surface Acu-Nodules increases circulation and productivity. Replace your gym ball with the smaller, more portable Balance Air Cushion

Maximize the benefits of sit-ups, squats, and balancing exercises by incorporating it into your daily workout. Safe for seniors, teens and children. Great for home, office and the gym.

Product Features:

  • Great alternative to an exercise ball or sitting wedge
  • Helps reduce pressure on the back when in a seated position
  • Can be used sitting or standing
  • Textured surface provides a gentle massage
  • Size: 33 cm (13")