Relaxus Exerfit Yogi Ball with Fabric Cover

Fabric Color
SKU: REL-709436

Relaxus Exerfit Yogi Ball with Fabric Cover

An average workout ball becomes a decorative addition to any house by adding a fashionable, sturdy, and comfy fabric cover! Exercise balls can be used for a variety of physical workouts and can help you increase your aerobic endurance, core strength, flexibility, and stability.

Product Features

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Cardio endurance, balance, core strength, flexibility, and stability are all improved.
  • When working at your desk, this is a great alternative to a chair.
  • 65 cm in diameter; keeps cool even on hot days
  • On any sort of flooring, it is simple to maneuver
  • Handle for portability
  • 100% polyester is used for the cover
  • 120kg is the maximum weight

Benefits of Stability Ball

Aside from improving general muscle tone, the ball has a slew of other advantages, ranging from healing back, hip, and knee ailments to providing a vigorous workout to enhance core stability, posture, and muscular balance. Using a low-impact workout also improves your flexibility and cardiovascular system. The following are a few of the most crucial advantages for anyone interested in using the ball and learning more about what you are supposed to be doing:

Back and spine health

If you have back difficulties, the ball is ideal since it supports your lower back while you work out and stretch. That is why physical therapists and chiropractors began employing the ball as a rehabilitation tool. There are so many people who suffer from back strain and injuries these days that it is difficult to think of anyone you know who has not. What other thing can you imagine laying your body over and feeling immediate relief? There are not too many.

Core stability

The core is the muscles in your body that stabilize and support all your movements. The deep abdominal and back muscles that serve as stabilisers for your entire body make up your core, or what used to be called your "midsection." These muscles are known as the "deep" muscles because they keep your body's core stable despite the fact that you can't see them.

Why Choose Relaxus

Twenty-eight years ago, we set out with a goal to make wellness products accessible to everyone in every home, starting with massagers and aromatherapy, our mission has helped us spread wellness from Canada to around the globe. Today, our product lines have grown tremendously in size and scope, but while the selection is vast, we have never lost focus of our vision to make life better. We hope this vision continues to support the wellbeing of our customers while empowering you and your business to succeed.

We have accomplished a lot together during our first 28 years. But this is just the beginning. Looking forward, as people become increasingly health-conscious, we will have the opportunity to reach even more consumers and organizations around the world.

  • Been in business since 1992
  • Stocking distributor of other 10000 products
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