Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Pad Replacement Strap

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Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Pad Replacement Strap

The Cold Rush Therapy System by Ossur offers an effective and soothing treatment to decrease the pain and swelling after surgery or injury. It focuses on enhancing the functioning of your limbs and joints preventing the occurrence of muscle spasms.

These Pad Replacement Straps enable you to utilize this cold therapy in targeted areas, like hip, shoulder, hand, back, ankle, and knees to decrease pain after surgery.

Use these replacement straps on the affected area to reduce inflammation and recover from trauma pain. The machine (separately sold) uses the right ratio of ice-to-water to prolong the cooling time and reduce the pain from the area you target using these straps.

Ossur Cold Rush Replacement Strap Sizes

These replacement straps are available in three different lengths:

  • 32”
  • 18”
  • 10”

You will need two separate straps to use the cold rush therapy system comfortably for the hip, shoulder, and knee.

Ossur Replacement Strap Features

The main features of these replacement straps are as follows:

  • These straps allow you to target hard to reach areas that need cold therapy using the cold rush machine,
  • The replacement straps ensure the affected area gets continuous compression and cooling to aid the healing process.
  • The straps are created with durable and high-quality materials to increase the comfort level of the wearer. It is made with breathable materials to prevent any discomfort while you are using the cold rush therapy machine.
  • They can easily be attached to the cold rush machine, as well as the pads (also sold separately) to place over the swollen area.

If you want to use the cold rush therapy system at different affected parts, then you need these Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Pad Replacement Straps to soothe and cool down the swelling and pain effectively.

These straps for use with the Ossur Cold Rush Therapy System.

*Strap only, pads sold separately*