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Now Designs Snack Bags Set of 2

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Now Designs Snack Bags Set of 2

Now Designs portable food bag with appetizing graphics will be the talk of the lunchroom. Zippered snack bags are the perfect waste-free replacement for disposable plastic bags.

Reusable Snack Bags Features

  • Reusable and food-safe
  • Keep snacks tidy and tasty
  • Material: Cotton outer, food-save polyester lining*
  • Dimensions: W7.25 x L7.5 inch / W7.25 x L4.25 inch
  • Imported

Can you live without plastic? Cutting down on your use of plastic bags has never been easier. This last decade we’ve seen the rise of reusable straws, and grocery bags. Now, more than ever people are aware of their plastic usage and are looking to cut down or get rid of it entirely.

For a long time, disposable plastic bags and containers have consistently ended up in landfills, streets, or oceans. Upon reaching its final destination, plastic is usually destined to never leave its home. Luckily there's now a perfect replacement to disposable plastics.

Now Designs is a home and living décor company that aspires to create merchandise that exudes elegance and style. Their expert-level design team ensures that everything down to the colors, patterns, and illustrations flow and have purpose. Danica Studio and Now Designs resultantly serve as leaders in creating unique and professional designs for the retail market.

Now Designs Snack Bag Description

Now Designs reusable Snack Bag is the perfect waste free replacement for lunch bags. Your typical single use plastic would have been a great home for your veggies or afternoon sandwich, but there's now a reusable and food safe option you can use for years to come. The Now Designs snack bag is the perfect home for your lunch until you're ready to eat, and it's incredibly easy to take care of.

The Now Designs snack bags feature an elegant cotton exterior with a design of your choice, and a polyester interior. Keep your food safe with the top zipper that forms a seal between the outer design and the inner lining. The materials used make these bags the perfect choice for carrying any dry foods and not wets. A few examples of things you might store in these snack bags are nuts and seeds, vegetables, sandwiches, or potato chips.

After you've used your bag a few times it may get dirty. Luckily the Now Designs Snack bags are fully machine washable. Just run them through the washer then hang dry and it'll be ready for reuse! If you’re in a hurry and desperate to take your snack on the go, you can alternatively turn the bag inside out and give it a wash in the sink.

Reusable Lunch Bags Designs

Now Designs offers a fantastic variety of colorful designs, perfect for any occasion.

Cat’s Meow: Aren’t they adorable? The Cat’s meow Snack bag features a beautiful light green cotton canvas and a “purrfect”, and comforting print that reminds you of your favorite animals.


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