NeilMed Gel for Dry Nose 28.4g

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NeilMed Gel for Dry Nose 28.4g

Are you struggling with uncomfortable dryness in your nose? You're not alone. Many factors, from dry climates to allergies, can disrupt the natural moisture balance in your nasal passages, leading to irritation, crusting, and even nosebleeds.

NeilMed Gel for Dry Nose Features:

  • Hydrates and moisturizes: NasoGel® provides a gentle coat of moisture to dry nasal passages, alleviating discomfort and promoting healing.
  • Targets the source: The easy-to-use applicator tip allows for targeted application, ensuring the gel reaches exactly where needed.
  • Safe and effective: Made with gentle ingredients like aloe vera and purified water, NasoGel® is doctor-recommended and safe for adults and children (always consult your pediatrician before use for children).

Find relief from nasal dryness caused by:

  • Dry air and indoor heat
  • Air travel and high-altitude
  • Oxygen use and CPAP therapy
  • Allergies, sinus surgery, and radiation therapy


After perforating the seal, screw the applicator tip onto the tube. Squeeze the tube gently until you see gel on the tip. Gently insert the applicator tip into the nostril and swirl to apply evenly on the nasal mucosa. Repeat on the opposite nostril. Cover the tip with included over cap after use to prevent drying. Can be used every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Clean the tip with a dry lint-free cloth or rinse it off with water. To prevent contamination, the product should be used by a single user only.

Our pharmacist offers assistance for safe and effective use of over the counter products. This product is provided to you through Wellness Pharmacy. You may contact the Wellness Pharmacy consulting pharmacist for consultation. Depending on the product purchased, you may be contacted by the pharmacist. Prioritize your health by reading all labels, warnings and product inserts from the product manufacturer.


Purified water, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, allantoin, aloe vera, propylene glycol, glycerin, potassium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and chloretone hemihydrate.


Q: What are the symptoms of dry nasal passages? 

A: Dryness, irritation, crusting, discomfort, and even nosebleeds can all be signs of dry nasal passages.

Q: Is NasoGel® safe for children? 

A: While NasoGel® is safe for adults, it's always recommended to consult your pediatrician before using any new product with children.

Q: How often can I use NasoGel®? 

A: NasoGel® can be used every 4 to 6 hours as needed.

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