Airlife Modudose Normal Saline 0.9% NACL 5ml Box of 100

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Modudose Saline Solution for Inhalation

Designed for assisting with respiratory conditions, AirLife Modudose is a saline solution composed of 0.9% sodium chloride.

For either home use or medical professionals, a nebulizer can provide fast relief to your cough and cold symptoms. Airlife is currently made by Vyaire, a leading healthcare brand with over 65 years of breath-giving experience. The current Vyaire mission is to advance innovation in respiratory wellness, ensuring you a full inhale with every breath. Among the current Airlife product line, you can find nebulizing saline solutions, oxygen mask, and attachments, cannulas, or catheters.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or as a medical professional, AirLife has a respiratory solution for you!

  • Box of 100: Getting lasting and affordable treatments for your respiratory ailment is key. A box of 100 can last for nearly 2 months or more, depending on the frequency of nebulizer use.
  • 0.9% Saline solution: The low sodium saline solution has been a proven-to-work answer to various respiratory illness. In clinical trials, patients with Bronchitis, COPD, or even Cystic Fibrosis saw significant improvements in lung function or breathlessness as a direct result of nebulized saline.
  • Nebulized saline works by being carried through moisture directly into the airways. Naturally, the salt draws out moisture, thins out the buildup of mucus, and makes it easier to cough.

Saline Solution Features

  • 100 per box
  • nacl 0.9% Saline solution for inhalation
  • 5 ml unit dose
  • Can be used for respiratory treatments, sinus irrigation and eye care
  • Sterile

Saline Solution Benefits

Coughs, colds, COPD, or even edema can be treated through the use of nebulized saline. Airlife Modudose Normal Saline 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution is designed to assist in the treatment of respiratory conditions. Whether there’s sputum in your airway, or pressure caused by edema, a nebulized saline solution is a proven way to return your breath. It acts by increasing sodium (salt) levels in the airways. Salt draws water into the airways, thins the mucus, and makes coughing easier. People with cystic fibrosis who inhale hypertonic saline twice a day had fewer lung infections, according to research.

Pouches and pods of saline aren’t always alike. Some are entirely closed and need to be cut across their tops to open, others are soft and can easily be broken. The Airlife saline solution comes with an easy-to-use twist-off top that provides ease of access when you need to nebulize.

Lastly, the 5ml pockets happen to be a perfect size. The outside of this saline pod features .5ml gradations allowing healthcare professionals to accurately deliver the solution by drops, or a full stream.