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MOBB MOBBility Bed Rail

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MOBB Mobbility Bed Rail

The MOBB Mobbility Bed Rail installs easily and quickly, without any tools required, and can be used with any bed type. It is made from durable materials, making it a great choice for those who need an extra layer of protection while sleeping. 

MOBB Mobbility Bed Rail is a simple but ingenious device that helps make any bed more accessible to everyone. It provides minimal protection against falls, but can be helpful for patients who need assistance getting in and out of bed. It can be a great addition to every bed to help prevent accidents while sleeping, and it can also help users stay independent and mobile during the recovery process.

Bed Rail Features:

  • The rail is constructed for universal use. You can fit it on all types of beds, whether single, twin, queen, or king.
  • Height-adjustable legs allow you to increase or decrease the height as per your bed’s elevation.
  • The tips of both legs of the rail are coated with rubber cane-style tips. These ensure a firm grip and protect the surface of carpeting or any other kinds of flooring.
  • Further convenience comes with the mesh pockets featured on the front side of the rail. You can use these to store small items for easy reach.
  • It comes with a strap to affix the rail to your bed frame. (Not shown)

Bed Rail Benefits:

  • It provides a safe and comfortable place to sleep, helping to reduce and improve quality of life. 
  • It can help improve mobility and independence, increasing the ability to participate in activities of daily living.
  • It can help prevent falls, improve balance and coordination, and reduce the risk of injuries from slipping or falling.
  •  Additionally, railings may also provide comfort and support during activities such as sleeping and sitting. 

Bed Grab Rail Design:

MOBB Mobility Bed Rail is designed to keep those with mobility issues safe while in bed and help them maintain their independence. This bed rail is designed to be height adjustable to ensure that the user’s needs and preferences are accommodated. It features an easy push adjustment in its two legs, which also have rubber cane-style tips to provide a better floor grip and prevent any scratches or marks on the floor. It is made to fit most types of beds, is easy to install and remove, and is very secure, making sure the user stays safe and enjoys a long night’s rest without the fear of falling and sustaining an injury.

This MOBB bed rail also features a padded handgrip that is considerably more comfortable for people who have arthritis in their hands. It can act as a supportive structure to hold on to while users reposition themselves or get out of bed. Additionally, the rail has adjustable straps that help to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Plus, it comes with a mesh pocket featured on the rail’s front side, allowing users to have their valuable or mostly used things near them.