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Mad Hippie Eyelash Curler 22g

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Mad Hippie Eyelash Curler 22g

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Transform your lashes into a captivating focal point with the Mad Hippie Eyelash Curler. This 22g essential beauty tool is designed to define and enhance your eyes effortlessly. Elevate your beauty routine with precision and style, achieving the perfect curl for a wide-eyed, glamorous look.


  • Perfect size for travel
  • Beautifully crafted
  • East to use
  • Size: 22 g

Direction to Use:

  1. Open curler and hold firmly.
  2. With eyes open wide, position the silicone curling pad at the base of your lash line.
  3. Gently squeeze handles to close curler.
  4. Hold for a few seconds and slowly open curler to completely release lashes.
  5. Repeat if desired.

Tips and precautions:

Curl lashes before applying mascara and clean curler after each use.

With daily use, Mad Hippie recommends replacing curler pad after three months and curler after one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the Mad Hippie Eyelash Curler suitable for different eye shapes?

A: Yes, the Mad Hippie Eyelash Curler is designed to cater to various eye shapes. The precision-engineered silicone pads and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of eye contours, providing a beautiful curl for everyone.

Q2: How do I clean and maintain the eyelash curler?

A: To clean the eyelash curler, use a gentle cleanser or rubbing alcohol on the silicone pads. Wipe the curler clean after each use to remove any mascara residue. Store it in a dry place to prevent rusting and maintain its longevity.

Q3: Can I use the eyelash curler with mascara?

A: For the best results, use the Mad Hippie Eyelash Curler before applying mascara. Curling your lashes before mascara application enhances the curl and prevents damage to your lashes. If desired, you can apply mascara after curling for a more dramatic effect.

Elevate your lash game with the Mad Hippie Eyelash Curler - a reliable and easy-to-use tool that adds a touch of glamour to your everyday look. Experience the convenience of gentle curling and create stunning lashes effortlessly. Add this beauty essential to your collection for eyes that captivate and mesmerize.

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