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Giddy YoYo Wild Canadian Blueberry Powder

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Giddy YoYo Wild Canadian Blueberry Powder

Giddy YoYo blueberry powder is now made from the whole ripened wild blueberries from Nova Scotia, where as their previous blueberry powder consisted of only the skins, seeds and a bit of the inner fruit. The new powder is sweeter and bluer (if that is a word lol) and tastes as you'd expect dried blueberries to taste.... divine!

The blueberries are dried utilizing a proprietary process that’s gentle and nutrient preserving. Not to be confused with their cultivated cousins, the wild variety contains abundant antioxidants, vitamins & minerals!


Dried and powdered wild blueberries from Nova Scotia.

Suggested Use:

1 TBS = ½ c fresh wild blueberries.

Use 1-3 tsp. to take your smoothies, cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, baking, chocolate creations & more to the next level of nutrition.


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