DAVIDsTEA Organic Blueberry Matcha Drink Mix 65g

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DAVIDsTEA Organic Blueberry Matcha Drink Mix 65g

Sweet and fresh, with a ripe blueberry flavour and a light grassy note from the matcha. Elevate your summertime mood with the delightful and invigorating Blueberry Matcha. It's an iced tea latte waiting to happen, bursting with freshly picked blueberries, super-healthy matcha green tea, and pure cane sugar. The finest aspect? For a quick pick-me-up, this delectably fruity blend contains all the stimulating and metabolism-boosting properties of matcha. Positive energy permeates everything.

Brewing Instructions: 5-6 tsp tea | 16oz water |185°F| Whisk until Frothy


Cane sugar, Matcha green tea, Natural blueberry flavouring.


Q: Is this matcha drink mix suitable for those new to matcha?

A: Absolutely! This Organic Blueberry Matcha Drink Mix is crafted to be approachable for all, offering a delightful introduction to the world of matcha with the added goodness of blueberries.

Q: Can I use this mix for iced beverages?

A: Certainly! Whether hot or iced, this Blueberry Matcha Drink Mix adapts beautifully. Simply mix it with your preferred liquid and ice for a refreshing twist on a classic matcha experience.

Q: Does the blueberry flavour overpower the matcha taste?

A: Not at all. We've carefully balanced the blueberry essence to complement, not overshadow, the distinct taste of matcha, ensuring a harmonious blend of flavours in every sip.

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