DAVIDsTEA Buddha's Blend White Tea 12 Sachets

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DAVIDsTEA Buddha's Blend White Tea 12 Sachets

A perfectly balanced mix of fruity and floral. With this light, refreshing blend of white and green tea, we think we've discovered the secret to reaching nirvana. Why is it so sublime? We added some jasmine pearls for their delightful floral scent. The unexpectedly fruity scent of white hibiscus blossoms was then added. Simply take a seat back, unwind, and sip. Total happiness.

How to Steep

  • 1-2 Perfect Spoons
  • 80°C (175°F) in 475 mL (16oz)
  • For 1-2 minutes


White tea, green tea, Jasmine pearls, Artificial peach flavouring, White hibiscus blossoms.


Q: Is Buddha's Blend suitable for multiple infusions?

A: Yes, Buddha's Blend is perfect for multiple infusions. The delicate white tea leaves retain their flavour even after the first step, providing a rewarding and sustainable tea-drinking experience.

Q: Can I sweeten Buddha's Blend with honey or sugar?

A: Absolutely! Buddha's Blend complements sweeteners like honey or sugar. Adjust the sweetness to your liking, enhancing the tea's flavours without overpowering its delicate nuances.

Q: What is the recommended brewing time and temperature?

A: For optimal results, steep Buddha's Blend for 3-5 minutes in water heated to around 175°F (80°C). Adjust the brewing time based on your desired strength, ensuring a perfect cup every time.

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