Crystal Mineral Deodorant Spray Unscented 118mL

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Crystal Mineral Deodorant Spray Unscented 118mL

Are you tired of dealing with unpleasant body odor? Say goodbye to unwanted scents with Crystal Mineral Deodorant Spray Unscented 118mL. This revolutionary product offers powerful odor protection without any overpowering fragrances, ensuring you stay fresh and confident all day long.

Deodorant Spray Unscented Features:

  • Long-lasting Odor Protection
  • Fragrance-Free Formula
  • Non-Sticky and Non-Staining
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free



Remove cap and hold spray 6-8 inches from the body. Push button down to spray. Reapply as needed.


Water/Aqua, Potassium Alum (Mineral Salts), Sodium Bicarbonate, Benzoic Acid, Zinc Gluconate


Q: How often do I need to reapply the deodorant spray?

A: The long-lasting formula provides 24-hour odor protection, so you only need to apply it once a day for all-day freshness.

Q: Can I use Crystal Mineral Deodorant Spray after shaving?

A: Yes, the gentle formula is safe to use after shaving and will not cause irritation or stinging.

Q: Does Crystal Mineral Deodorant Spray leave any residue on clothing?

No, the non-sticky formula dries quickly and leaves no residue, so you can wear your favorite clothes without worrying about stains or marks.

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