beautyblender Blotterazzi 1 Blotting Sponge

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beautyblender Blotterazzi

Shaped to fit all contours of the face, beautyblender blotterazzi® is the reusable alternative to traditional blotting papers.* Used dry, the award-winning, beautyblender open cell structure of the blotterazzi material helps re-texturize makeup, absorbing excess oil for a flawless-looking makeup result.* When using traditional blotters, the powder deposit builds up throughout the day and makeup can look cakey.* With our unique blotterazzi®, makeup maintains a fresh appearance while removing unwanted shine.*

Beautyblender has chosen to use safe, water-soluble dyes that do not harm the environment and will maintain the integrity of the proprietary foam.* For this reason, you may notice some color run off or wash away the first time you wet beautyblender.* This is normal and will disappear after you have cleansed the product several times.* Please note: the color will not transfer onto the face or clothing.* Handcrafted in the USA.*

Environmentally and Economically Friendly

As an alternative to regular blotting paper that you throw away after one use, blotterazzi is a great way to help save both the environment and your wallet. It is also shaped to fit all contours of your face that regular blotting paper might not get, helping to remove shine and refresh your makeup.

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