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Fitglow Beauty Facial Cleansing Brush

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Let's face it - sometimes cleansing routines can become stale and washing your face with your hands is not a lot of fun. Fitglow Beauty wanted to change the game a bit and offer a new tool to enhance the cleansing ritual and improve skin.*

Facial Cleansing Brush for Smoother, Glowing Skin

Could your skin use a boost to become clear and smooth? Are you tired of using your fingers to spread your cleanser around your face? The Fitglow Beauty Facial Cleansing Brush is designed to enhance your cleanser while gently exfoliating and massaging your skin.

How to exfoliate face with face wash brush

This facial brush uses soft vegan bristles that gently exfoliate your face for softer, smoother skin.

When you use this brush with your normal cleanser, you’ll find it helps the soap reach all those stubborn spots. As you brush your face and neck in upwards motions, the soft bristles gently brush and scrub away dead skin. This helps your cleanser break through that pesky layer of dead skin cells and get to your healthy skin to keep it clean and smooth.

But what does Facial exfoliating Brush do?

When you exfoliate your face using this facial brush, you can improve the appearance of your skin by promoting collagen production and removing dead skin cells and daily surface debris.

By removing this dirt and skin, you can unclog your pores. This may reduce the number of whiteheads, blackheads, and other blemishes across your face—even in those harder to reach places. This helps provide smooth, clear skin that’ll be glowing the entire day.

The bristles on this facial cleansing brush are also soft so as not to irritate your face while it exfoliates and cleanses.

Facial massage brush

As you brush the scrubber gently across your face, the slight massage can stimulate your skin and bring more benefits.

When you stimulate your skin, you may help promote circulation, which can reduce the appearance of acne.

Using this brush not only stimulates your skin but your facial muscles as well. This can tighten your skin which may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles across your face.

Vegan face scrubber

This cleansing brush smooths and softens skin while staying environmentally friendly and vegan.

The bristles aren’t made of animal hair and the product isn’t tested on any animals, making this scrubber cruelty-free.

The components of this brush are also completely recyclable. This means that when the facial scrubber gets to the end of its life, you throw it in the recycle knowing it won’t end up polluting the earth.

A facial cleanser brush designed for your skin

Fitglow Beauty produces skin care and beauty products designed to promote healthy, glowing skin with the environment in mind. This facial cleansing brush enhances the power of your cleanser and exfoliates your skin for glowing skin.

Face Scrub Brush Features

  • Cleanses and massages
  • Gently buffs dead skin
  • Vegan bristles
  • Super soft
  • Recyclable
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% woman owned business

Lightly dampen the brush with water and apply your preferred cleanser. Smooth around your face and neck with upward brushes for those stubborn areas. Then rinse off your cleanser with warm water and tap your face dry. Follow the cleanser with your favourite serum, oil, or moisturizer for even more glowing results.