beautyblender blendercleanser Liquid

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beautyblender blendercleanser Liquid

Liquid beautyblender was created to soak out tough stains while maintaining the integrity of beautyblender’s exclusive material.* Our gentle formula contains Coconut Surfactants and the Dead Sea Salts that help keep blenders and makeup brushes soft and in top condition while using our same calming beautyblender lavender fragrance.*


  • The gentle formula contains Coconut Surfactants that help keep blenders and makeup brushes soft and in top condition.*
  • The light lavender scent is soothing and relaxing.*
  • Paraben, phthalate and sulfate free.*

Without ruining the sponge, blendercleanser is a great way to refresh your sponge to ensure cleanliness to your skin. Stripping away builtup makeup and bacteria can help to keep your skin free of potential breakouts.

What It Does:

This cleanser supports the integrity of the blender as well as removes excessive residue and germs for clean makeup application.*

Insider Tip:

Clean multiple beautyblenders in a snap:

  • Place blenders in a large ziploc bag.
  • Cover the blenders with water and add a squeeze of liquid blendercleanser.
  • Start shaking to create a sudsy foam and clean the blenders.
  • Rinse and air-dry in a well ventilated area or on the lid of your canister.

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