Le Pain des fleurs


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The original idea was born from the desire to promote the remarkable properties of buckwheat, which is nutritious and naturally gluten-free. This led to the creation of an original organic recipe for an irresistible, crispy cracker. It is the first buckwheat cracker made using an extrusion process, which gives the product its unique texture.

A selection of new raw materials was the inspiration behind the “Le Pain des Fleurs” cracker, which combines the flavor and nutritional properties of its main ingredient with a deliciously crispy texture.

The initial success of “Le Pain des Fleurs” spread chiefly by word of mouth and is attributed to the persuasive talents of the people who promoted it and presented it at numerous trade fairs. Everyone who tasted the crackers came away impressed!

Almost 20 years after its creation, “Le Pain des Fleurs” remains true to its original idea: to take the best that nature has to offer and to provide the basis for a healthier diet.

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