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Better Bears was created in 2019 when Founder Garrett Downes went to a store to buy something sweet to snack on. A self-professed candy collector and serial entrepreneur, he was starting to be more mindful about his snacking choices and was looking for options that were better for his health but still satisfied his cravings.

When the candy aisle offered limited choices, he decided to create a gummy bear that was naturally sweetened and low-calorie but packed with flavor and minimal guilt.

He started with the core values- a commitment to modernizing classic candy in a healthier way, providing a zero-waste product that consumers could feel good about, and transparency for both consumers and stakeholders.

After two years of extensive research and testing, Better Bears was born- the ultimate gummy, with the perfect combination of texture, sweetness, and natural fruit flavor. Zero guilt, without compromise.

Garrett has two non-negotiables when starting a company- 1. Is there a demand for a product and 2. Would he be a consumer? The answer was yes- Better Bears gummies provide thoughtful snacking choices for people wanting a healthier option and satisfying their own sweet tooth.

Garrett is a graduate of the Beedie School of Business. He started his first business, an online retail supply company, at 16 years old. Garrett went on to win several school business case competitions in university and now enjoys judging such competitions and mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs. He believes in addition to hard work, any business journey also needs to be fun. Every summer, he looks forward to unwinding for a couple of weeks at his cottage in Manitoba, near where he grew up. He resides in White Rock, B.C. His favorite candy as a child was gummy bears.

Better Bears is a sustainable snack food brand located in beautiful British Columbia.

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