Zoku Ice Ball set of 2 molds - Red

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Zoku Ice Ball set of 2 molds

Giant ice cubes not only look nice, but they also help to keep your drink from becoming too diluted. In a world of cubes, Zoku's Ice Ball Molds can help you have a good time. Our well-thought-out molds are simple to fill, and the ice pops right out when it's completely frozen. Ice balls can be used in a variety of drinks, from creative cocktails to a planetary-themed party punch. In OJ, kids also think they're very cool.

Zoku Ice Molds Features

  • LONG-LASTING CHILL: Makes 2.5-inch spherical ice for chilling and garnishing bourbon, whiskey, water, iced tea, and other beverages; uniform balls of ice melt slowly and evenly, allowing drinks to stay cooler for longer with less dilution.
  • FLEXIBLE SILICONE CONSTRUCTION: Invert the silicone mold to effortlessly remove the ice ball without having to rinse it under water; makes a flawless spherical that fits snuggly in standard whiskey glasses.
  • TO OPEN: Simply pull the halves apart after frozen, flip the mold over, and push on the bottom of the mold to pop the Ice Ball right into your glass.
  • DESIGN WITH STACKABILITY FOR SPACE SAVING: Save room in your kitchen or dining area by keeping the two units in your freezer or displaying them among other bar goods.
  • INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: BPA- and phthalate-free; dishwasher safe; designed in the USA; comes with two units that each make a 2-1/2" diameter ice sphere.

How to Use Ice Ball Tray

  1. Populate the mold with water and freeze for at least 8 hours.
  2. Remove the mold - no rinsing needed.
  3. To release the ice ball, press down on the bottom of the mold.
  4. In a cocktail glass, pour the drink over the ice ball.

Master the classic art of mixology by honing your talents. Enjoy your favourite beverage without watering it down. The ice ball shape fits into standard glasses and is perfect in any drink for kids and adults alike.

Are you throwing a party? To add a pop of colour to individual drinks, pitchers, or punch bowls, add some fruit pieces, berries, or juice to the molds. It's simple and enjoyable to prepare for the festivities. The molds are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. These molds, like all Zoku products, are BPA and phthalate free.

About Zoku

Our facility, which is located in the center of Hoboken, New Jersey, is a place where creativity is fostered, risks are taken, and possibilities are endless. We get our hands dirty with prototypes and learn by collaborating, building, tasting, and exploring the world around us. Our huge test kitchen serves as a backdrop for trying out new dishes, bouncing ideas back and forth, and is frequently where we all eat lunch.

It all started with a fairly simple thought: what if we could speed up the freezing time of popsicles? Our Quick Pop Maker was born after months of study, testing, and prototypes. We thought we'd hit on something, and Williams-Sonoma quickly agreed, signing us up for their holiday season.

From product development to packaging to office supplies, design is at the centre of everything we do. The Henry Ford Museum, the Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design, and hundreds of kitchen counters around the world have all featured Zoku designs. Aside from a few heartfelt emails from our customers, we've also been honoured by the Industrial Designers Society of America as an IDEA finalist (not to mention a Silver and Bronze recipient), a GOOD Design Award, Wired.com mentions, and the National Parenting Seal of Approval.